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4 teams are interested Chris Paul under the fire of rumors

With Daryl Morey, it’s never calm Houston. For several seasons, the GM of the Rockets has often been one of the main agitators on the market with spectacular trades that have had the gift of reshuffling the cards at the West conference. This 2019 offseason should be no exception. In this edition, the case of Chris Paul is the most quoted. Houston only has 6 players under contract at the moment, but one salary cap explos. The fault (in part) Paul which affects almost 40 million of this salary cap. A described salary, and far too important given its impact in this 2018/2019 season. So at a time when things have to move, it seems to be the first fuse. To recover it, 4 franchises have appeared in recent days. But to interest Houston, it will be necessary to send talented players back. Overview.

As soon as we talk about rumors, transfers and All-Stars, the Lakers are never far away. Once is not custom, the band LeBron James and Rob Pelinka therefore expressed a certain interest in recovering a full member of the famous Ban ’Banana Boat’ ’. When you know the decisive importance that LeBron James has in the sports decisions of the frontoffice, this is only a half surprise. To interest the Rockets, one cannot imagine a transfer which would not involve Lonzo ball and Brandon ingram. The latter would address the Rockets’ lack of depth on the wings, and Ball could improve the defense. The Lakers’ fourth draft choice could also complete the transaction. In this scenario, the Lakers would however no longer be able to offer a max contract to anyone during the free agency. Will they want to spoil their flexibility for Chris Paul? This is the whole question. If Paul has to go to the Lakers, it is therefore likely that this transfer will not take place before the end of July and that he will be considered only as a simple plan B.

On the other hand, a trade could take place more quickly for teams that are sure not to attract All-Star during the free agency. This is the case with the Charlotte Hornets. The team Michael Jordan will not have the course necessary to offer a max contract this summer. Only Kemba walker is an exception thanks to bird rights. At least they have no headache in matching Chris Paul’s salary as there is no shortage of big toxic contracts. But who could help Houston become competitive at the highest level? If we follow the logic followed by the Texan franchise for a few years, the 3 & D will be attractive their eyes to surround at best James Harden. Nicolas Batum, Marvin Williams, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Miles Bridges could therefore be concerned. However, the Rockets have no assurance of getting better with these all-around players. Not sure that Daryl Moray presses the red button for such a modest consideration, even surrounded by a few draft choices.

Still looking for a new lan to give its franchise to since the end of the LeBron James era, Pat riley also remains attentive to Chris Paul’s file. The Heat lost its last icon with the start of Dwyane Wade retired and now seeks to renew themselves hopelessly. Their salary situation is similar to that of the Hornets with nonexistent flexibility. Except that the players they could offer Houston seem on paper more attractive. Goran Dragic, James Johnson, Justise Winslow or Josh Richardson have already proven their worth and could match Chris Paul’s salt. With this possible deal, Houston would not register a deficit the same while recovering a more discreet player and thus more vou to be erased at the expense of James Harden. Then Winslow and Johnson are 3 & D also able to move without the ball by effectively sanctioning. The Heat’s profile could be a very credible option for the frontoffice Texan. In a logic where we would give the James Harden keys even more roughly, would these players be sufficient?

Finally, the Suns are never far away when a point guard is in recent times. With Elie Okobo, From Anthony Melton and Tyler johnson as the only representatives in this position, the lack of talent is obvious. Chris Paul would then fill the hole, and bring experience to the force of a team that is far too young to compete in the Western Conference. In addition, the Suns have a certain flexibility in wages that would not require them to match Chris Paul’s salary in negotiations. Again, it is the wingers capable of defending and sanctioning distance that would be in the equation, which Phoenix has. T.J Warren (physically fragile and undesirable for months Phoenix), Josh Jackson (stop a festival in Florida), and Mikal Bridges (it’s okay) could be interesting counterpart. However, these young players have not yet proven themselves at the highest level despite an undeniable talent which could worry the Rockets.

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