4 Tips for success in sending job applications via email, job seekers must know

KONTAN.CO.ID – Job seekers now no longer need to send applications by post. You simply send an email containing a job application to a company email address.

Unfortunately, there are still many job applicants who do not understand how to send applications via email. As a result, many job seekers have waited a long time to get a job.

The Directorate General of Higher Education (Ditjen Dikti) provides information on how to send correct job application emails. This information is shared through the official website of the Directorate General of Higher Education

The following is the procedure for sending the correct job application email from the Directorate General of Higher Education.

  • Fill in the subject or title

Often job applicants leave the subject of a job application email blank. This will actually make your application unreadable by HRDs. The employer will consider your job application email unimportant.

The company also judges you to be rude because you don’t provide clear information. Every time you send a job application via email, don’t forget to fill in the subject in the email. Write the name and position you are applying for so that it is easy for HRD to see.

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Besides the subject, body email also often left empty. Even though at this point it could be your opportunity to promote yourself.

they body email with a brief description of yourself. Also write down the position to be applied for, the reasons, and what the company can offer.

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