4 ways to care for hijab hair, it is recommended to wash it every day, how come?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The hair health of women wearing hijab, which tends to be closed, needs to be treated. Need a basic understanding of how the scalp condition and hair type. If the scalp tends to be oily, it will be prone to dandruff. As a result, the scalp feels itchy, especially during hot weather.

If your scalp is oily you should wash it every day. Especially for women who wear hijab, it is recommended not to tie their hair for too long. Because it can make hair fall out easily. Conversely, if the condition of the scalp is dry, it is necessary to pay attention to moisture. Choose the right type of shampoo to keep facial skin moist.

The habit of tying wet hair is also not good. This is precisely the cause of dandruff, especially when covering the head with a hijab. Make sure your hair is dry after shampooing if you are wearing a head covering.

The steps to care for hijab women’s hair are actually simpler. Here are the steps for caring for hair for women who wear hijab:

First, let your hair loose while at home. This step helps the hair breathe. If you must wear a head scarf, wear a loose head scarf. It is even recommended to sunbathe, so that the hair gets vitamin D which is good for hair health.

Second, wash your hair regularly. If your hair is straight, it’s a good idea to wash it daily and add conditioner every four or five days. However, if the type of wavy hair is recommended to wash it every three times a week, and use conditioner every day. Or at least twice a day. Washing your hair with cold water is better than hot water. Because cold water can close the pores of the hair and even out the hair follicles.

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Next, choose a shampoo according to the needs of the scalp type. Using natural products is highly recommended instead of artificial chemicals. Natural oils such as argan oil and coconut oil are good for nourishing hair.

Finally, if you wear a veil, choose the type of material that is comfortable and can absorb sweat, such as t-shirts and cotton, especially using the inner or ciput. How to care for hijab hair must pay attention to sweat on the head which will make hair limp and trigger dandruff.



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