41st Trans Musicales: first look at programming


Jean-Louis Brossard, august programmer-founder, had warned us last year at the turn of an interview upstream of the 40e edition: birthdays, round figures, very little for Trans. Thus, no reason to fear any relaxation in density and variety for the 41e – on the contrary. With more than 48 nationalities and 20 languages ​​represented – a record for the Rennes festival – and the return event, four decades after his debut on the stage of the Salle de la Cité, the child of the country Etienne Daho, we risk a lot hallucinate and waving this year.

How will we find ourselves in this plethora of trap, techno, pop, pansori, chaabi, song, indus, etc.? which a good majority of artists will perform in France for the first time and as such are unknown to the battalion? We will let ourselves be carried away, as every year; the thick program will be peeled in detail; we will take some mental notes of appreciation for the tendencies that are expressed (reggae deviated return via Japan or California, increased presence of rap schools, very appreciable overestimation of African or Afro-descendant avant-gardes); we will get lost, especially, for sure, and we will love that.

In the meantime, here are some tracks that Libe noted in his little notebook:

December 4thfor the inauguration evening, we will hesitate between U-zhaan, Roy and Dopeness at Ubu, Rouge Gorge and Daho at TNB and Lous & The Yakuzas at the Free Area.

December 5th, we would like to see Grand Monkey at the Floor, Continuadores at Ubu, Acido Pantera and Ben Shemie at the Exhibition Center.

December 6th, Official start of the weekend, we would be well chained well Liraz at Ubu, Jawhar at the Floor, then Los Bitchos, Minyo Crusaders and Marc Rebillet at the Exhibition Center.

Saturday 7 We'll start gently with Claude Fontaine at Ubu before heading to the Parc des Expos to listen to NST & The Soul Sauce meets Kim Yulhee, Catnapp and the French premiere of the new Acid Arab concert.

Finally Sunday 8Before going back to the house, we will go to the Ubu to see Velvet Negroni and DC Salas.

You are not satiated by this flash selection? Go to the festival site to see you on your own. Appointment especially since December 4 to test all that IRL.


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