450-900 VA Customer Electricity Subsidy Extended Until December

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The government has decided to extend the electricity subsidy through PT PLN (Persero) for household customers from 450 VA to 900 VA and small businesses and small industries until the end of December 2021, previously only until September 2021.

“The extension of the electricity stimulus includes discounted electricity tariffs for household customers of 450 VA and 900 VA, small business customers 450 VA, and small industrial customers 450 VA,” said Director of Electricity Business Development at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ida Nuryatin Finahari. Between, Friday (30/7/2021).

Ida said the electricity tariff structure for PT PLN Persero has been regulated through the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation number 28 of 2016 and amended by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Number 3 of 2020.

He explained that electricity subsidies include exemption from subscription fees and the application of minimum account provisions for social, business, industrial and service customers until December 2021. The application of minimum account exemption is given as a form of stimulus from PLN for the business sector.

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As many as 25 customer groups, in addition to receiving the stimulus, also received subsidies, with the amount of the BPP difference with a margin of 7 percent with the applicable electricity tariff.

“In addition to being given subsidies, the government has also provided a stimulus during the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, for 450 VA household customers, subsidies have been given so far, until December 2021, they will also be given a 50 percent discount on electricity bills or token purchases,” said Ida.

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The extension of the stimulus and electricity tariff subsidies was provided by the government to ease the burden on the people affected by the implementation of the policy to handle the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

“The extension of the electricity stimulus is a form of the government’s presence to ease the burden on people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Ida.

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