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49.3: unions organize response

The response to 49.3 began this weekend. More or less improvised nocturnal demonstrations or parades have multiplied since Saturday, in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), Bordeaux (Gironde), Saint-Etienne (Loire), Paris … For the union centers opposed to the pension reform “only one answer is essential: mobilization! “Rings the press release from the intersyndicale sent this Monday after a meeting.

They call at the same time for a long-distance race, “to continue relentlessly the actions”, to “amplify” them and also to “organize” at short notice this Tuesday March 3 “demonstrations in front of the prefectures, the sub-prefectures” including “By resort to strike”. “We don’t think there will be many people this Tuesday. With the health crisis, and what is happening in the Oise people are concerned, ”confesses one of the organizers.

A social sequence with multiple unknowns

“There is also a risk of getting caught up in a purely political battle,” said another. The CFE-CGC has indicated, for its part, that it does not call its troops to demonstrate but that it supports the initiatives planned whereas must be debated in the National Assembly, this Tuesday, two motions of censure , filed by the opposition as soon as Édouard Philippe announced Saturday the use of 49-3.

Wind up against this “forceful passage” of the executive, the unions are entering a social sequence with multiple unknowns. “What will happen between a social crisis, a health crisis and perhaps a political crisis. How to restore a little serenity? The urgency is really not to reform the pension system, ”cowardly worried Yves Veyrier of Force Ouvrière. “It can overflow into violence, become uncontrollable. In this context, this 49.3 is incomprehensible, ”observed a CGT official.

Funding conference compromised

All are now without illusion about the possibilities of influencing senators who in turn must examine the bill. Even the CFDT, which nevertheless claims to want to “fight to the end” to try to improve a text “not in line with social justice issues”, has dissociated itself from the government’s project. The government’s “additions” this weekend to correct the original bill? Anecdotal, “wind! Say the unions.

As for the financing conference – initially suggested by the CFDT – to find an alternative to the pivotal age, according to the deal proposed by the Prime Minister, its chances of success seem more and more compromised. The Yves Veyrier (FO) union has just left the door, following in the footsteps of the CGT. It is a “reasonable position taken by the office”, he explains, “consistency leads FO to refuse to endorse the impasse to which this conference leads: that of asking the French to work longer. “

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