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4K / 120Hz compatible “Xperia 1 III”. Three-dimensional stereo sound source “360 Spatial Sound”

Xperia 1 III

Sony Mobile Communications will release the world’s first “Xperia 1 III” equipped with a 4K / 120Hz, HDR compatible organic EL display and a variable telephoto lens in countries and regions including Japan after early summer. Three colors are available: Frost Black, Frost Gray, and Frost Purple. The price is undecided.

An introduction video of the new product is also released on the official Xperia YouTube account. In the video, “Xperia 5 III” and “Xperia 10 III” are also announced at the same time, but the handling of “Xperia 5 III” in Japan is undecided. See another article for “Xperia 10 III”.

The “Xperia 1 III” is equipped with the world’s first 4K / 120Hz, HDR compatible display for smartphones, and the world’s first variable telephoto lenses with focal lengths of 70mm and 105mm equipped with dual photodiode sensors. It also supports stereophonic sound “360 Reality Audio (360RA)” and realizes playback on the main unit speaker. It is also equipped with “360 Spatial Sound” that converts a normal stereo sound source into a three-dimensional sound field. It supports 5G communication, and in addition to Sub6, a millimeter-wave compatible model is also available.

From left: Frost Black, Frost Gray, Frost Purple

Back side of frost black

A 6.5-inch organic EL display with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 and HDR support is used. This time, it supports 4K / 120Hz, and in addition to projecting fast-moving game content clearly and smoothly, you can play and edit the shot 4K / HDR video as it is on the main unit. The company is focusing on color reproduction and calibrates it at the time of shipment to achieve white uniformity and stability.

With a battery capacity of 4,500mAh, it does not easily deteriorate due to charging, and even after 3 years of use, it does not drop below 80% of the new state. Supports quick charging that can be charged 50% in about 30 minutes. It also has wireless charging and separate charging that can supply power to other wireless charging compatible devices.

The external dimensions are 165 x 71 x 8.2 mm (length x width x thickness), the weight is 186 g (sub6), 188 g (millimeter wave), and the length and width are 1 mm than the Xperia 1 II (166 x 72 x 7.9 mm / 181 g). Instead of being shortened, the thickness and weight are increased by 0.3 mm.

Xperia 1 III () Xperia 1 II ()

Newly equipped with variable telephoto lens and α real-time tracking

In addition to the same 16mm / F2.2 and 24mm / F1.7 as the Xperia 1 II, the camera is equipped with a new variable telephoto lens that can switch between 70mm / F2.3 and 105mm / F2.8 by moving the internal lens. And realized 4 focal lengths. It will continue to have a 3D iToF sensor. As with the conventional model, the lens uses a T * coated ZEISS lens.

Internal image of variable telephoto lens

The variable telephoto lens is equipped with a dual photodiode sensor, which is said to have achieved high AF performance along with the technology cultivated in α. The focal lengths of 70mm and 105mm are set in consideration of everyday scenes taken with a smartphone, such as shooting children and pets that are a little far away. In addition, it corresponds to switching only between 70mm and 105mm, and the intermediate focal length such as 90mm is covered by the optical zoom on the 70mm side.

As a technology in the mirrorless camera α series, it is the first Xperia to support real-time tracking. It can be used with all lenses, and by simply tapping any subject, AI technology is used to automatically track a moving subject and continue to adjust AF. When the eyes are reflected, it seamlessly switches to Eye AF and keeps following, and it also supports fast-moving subjects such as motorcycles and dogs.

In addition, the conventional standard camera application has been abolished and integrated into Photography Pro. In addition to P / S / M and AUTO modes that follow the usability of α, BASIC that realizes easier operation is newly prepared. With Sony’s original AI technology, you can use “AI super-resolution zoom” and “blurring function” to correct image quality deterioration during digital zoom.

Even when shooting movies with Cinematography Pro, the four focal lengths further expand the freedom of shooting composition.

In addition, it is equipped with a Flawless Eye compatible hybrid image stabilizer that enhances the image stabilization of moving images with an image sensor that can read out at higher speed and a unique algorithm, and shoots with less camera shake even when shooting while walking in the dark. It is said that it can be done.

It will continue to have functions that can be used as an external monitor when connected to a compatible camera via HDMI to USB-C.

Supports playback on the 360RA main unit speaker

Continued adoption of unique Dolby Atmos effect tuning in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment. A full-stage stereo speaker that is evenly distributed on the front side realizes a three-dimensional sound field. The sound pressure has been improved by about 40%, and the viewing experience is more immersive.

This time, the vibration of the main body is reduced by installing the speaker that corresponds to the upper part in the vertical position and the inner box like the speaker at the lower part. As a result, the low frequencies can be reproduced more clearly.

It continues to support 360RA, and in the past it was only when headphones were connected, but playback on the main unit speaker has been realized. In addition to its own hardware decoding process, it has become a “360RA certified smartphone” by developing a new speaker virtualizer. In addition, the only 360RA compatible service that can perform decoding processing on the smartphone side is “TIDAL” (service not provided in Japan).

Equipped with 360 Spatial Sound that allows you to enjoy normal stereo sound sources in a three-dimensional sound field. Using the same virtualizer as 360RA, it is said that you can enjoy a more three-dimensional sound field even with songs from ordinary music streaming services that do not support 360RA. Note that 360 Spatial Sound only supports headphones / earphones.

In terms of other sound quality, it will continue to be equipped with “DSEE Ultimate,” which up-converts compressed sound sources using AI technology. Also equipped with a 3.5mm stereo mini terminal. The maximum sound pressure when using wired headphones is improved by about 40%, distortion during loud playback is reduced, and high-quality and powerful music can be played.

Game functions that utilize 4K / 120Hz

In addition to a 4K / 120Hz drive display, it is equipped with 240Hz afterimage reduction technology and 240Hz high-speed touch detection. In addition to displaying clear and smooth game content such as fast-moving FPS, it can read finger operations quickly and accurately, enabling intended operations even in situations where agile operations are required.

Following the Xperia 1 II, it collaborated with Qualcomm’s brand “Snapdragon Elite Gaming”. The FPS game “Call of Duty: Mobile” is said to be comfortable to play with a 21: 9 screen and 120Hz drive.

In addition, the γ tuning “L-γ razor” for games intentionally brightens the dark areas to improve the visibility of hidden enemies, and adjusts the volume for each band to emphasize footsteps and gunshots. The voice chat microphone is optimized by tuning the microphone specially for the shape of the audio equalizer and headset.

In addition, it supports high frame rate recording that can record fast-moving games with images of up to 120 fps according to the 120 Hz drive display. It is equipped with a new RT record function that can record from about 30 seconds before the recording start button is pressed, and it is said that it will not miss a decisive moment.

Cover with stand for easy video viewing

As an option, “Style Cover with Stand” with a stand that allows you to watch videos horizontally is available. In addition to using materials that are comfortable to grip and touch, this time a new coating with antibacterial material is applied. Available in black, gray, and purple to match the color of the smartphone.

Black, gray, purple from the left

It is said that it can be used without worrying about heat generation when shooting movies at 4K, because the structure that firmly adheres to the main body and releases heat to the cover side makes it difficult for heat to be trapped inside.

I listened to the sound

Experience 360RA playback and 360 Spatial Sound on the newly realized main unit speaker. I compared the sound from the speakers and headphones with the conventional Xperia 1 II and listened to it.

As mentioned above, the only 360RA compatible service that can be decoded on the Xperia side is “TIDAL” (service not provided in Japan), but you can experience the effect by playing the 360RA compatible music pre-installed on the main unit. it can.

When I played the corresponding song “Akira Inoue-Total Immersion” on the speaker of Xperia 1 III, I felt a mysterious feeling that the sound was heard from a place slightly behind the ear though it was played on the speaker. .. The song is made so that you can hear the sound from various places, and you can feel that the position of the vocals is changing, and I was shocked by the way of hearing that I have never experienced before, unlike headphones.

When I switched to headphones, there wasn’t much difference in how I heard the three-dimensional sound, but I was able to hear the sound coming from directly behind me, which was weak when I was listening to it through speakers. In addition, when using headphones, it is said that it will show its true value by taking pictures of both ears with the smartphone application “Sony | Headphones Connect” and optimizing it.

Experience “360 Spatial Sound” that converts stereo sound sources in three dimensions. When listening to a song with the guitar from the left and the vocal from the right with 360 Spatial Sound enabled, it gives the impression that the sound is reverberating in a small room, and the sound on both sides spreads forward. It became a mysterious feeling that echoed from. Similarly, when King Gnu’s bubbles were regenerated, the bass sound deepened, and I felt that it was submerged in combination with the PV submerged in the water.

Next, compare ordinary songs and movies with headphones and speakers. First of all, when playing a high resolution sound source with headphones, it is a difference that can not be understood unless you listen carefully, but the Xperia 1 III has a slightly enhanced low range, and the vocal voice also has a higher resolution and is clearer. I felt it.

Next, when comparing by listening with speakers, the low range was stronger and clearer in the Xperia 1 III than when comparing with headphones, and the female vocals had a higher resolution, and they went farther. It feels like going.

If you turn on Dolby Atmos and play a scene of the movie through the speaker and compare it, it is easier to understand that the bass is enhanced, and the scene where the helicopter approaches and passes by in Xperia 1 III The sense of presence and the weight of the scene where the building collapses are increasing.

When you hold the main unit in your hand and play it, it is easy to understand the reduction of vibration due to the inner box mounted on the upper speaker when the main unit is in the vertical position, and with the Xperia 1 III, the vibration transmitted to the hand is weak and uniform on the left and right. It also made the male lines clearer and easier to hear. The sound of the bullets in the shooting battle was also more realistic, and the overall improvement in speaker performance was impressive.


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