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5 Miranda Pick Up Lines that could actually work (and 5 that would never work)

Known as the cynical one in the group of friends on Sex and the City, Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) is not insane, avoids her opinions or believes in fairy tales. It may be a little too honest and real at times, but that’s why TV fans love it so much; it is its best and its worst quality.

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Which Miranda lines would be perfect collection lines and which would make a potential mate run in the opposite direction? Here are five Miranda lines on Sex and the City which could work as withdrawal lines and five that would never work.

10 Might Work: “I just realized … maybe it’s the maturity or wisdom that comes with age, but the witch in Hansel and Gretel – she is very misunderstood …”

I just realized … maybe it’s the maturity or the wisdom that comes with age, but the witch Hansel and Gretel – it is very misunderstood. I mean, the woman builds her dream house and these brats come and start eating it.

Miranda says it in season one, and it’s a fun thing to say. It’s possible that if she had told someone on a date or the first time she was chatting with them in a bar or party, they might have found it super endearing.

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Miranda often gets too strong, but this little talk is the most fascinating she can get. Everyone loves when they talk to someone new and can start seeing the little oddities of their personality.

9 Mai: “Why do we get stuck with the old maid and the spinster, and men become bachelors and playboys?”

This Miranda season 5 quote would never have worked as a collection line. Although it is entirely true and the other women would agree with her, it will not help her find a date.

If she told someone, she would say she was wrong (which would only make her angrier) or say it isn’t as big of a deal as she is doing it (which, again, would make her angry). So either way, it wouldn’t be the most pleasant or productive conversation.

8 Might Work: “Maybe it’s time for me to stop being so angry.”

Miranda is definitely someone with a bit of anger issues, and if she told anyone, especially someone who liked her but wanted them to be in a better mood, they would sigh with relief and happiness.

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Everyone must be open and honest about their shortcomings when they attend, at least when it comes to a certain point. And if Miranda opens up on her anger, she would be attractive.

7 Mai: “I’m sorry, if a man is over thirty and single, there is something wrong with him …”

I’m sorry, if a man over thirty is single, there is something wrong with him. It is Darwinian. They are eliminated or propagate the species.

This quote from season 2 is definitely one of Miranda’s best. It shows his intelligence and his sense of humor (as well as his perfect playful delivery).

This is not a collection line that would ever work, however. Other women would laugh for several minutes about it, and would praise how smart and witty Miranda is … but someone who was trying to get out might think he is too aggressive. They may be offended, but it would be a loss because Miranda is fantastic.

6 Might Work: “I will never become a girl.”

Miranda could say it totally and take someone in two seconds. Of course, if someone wants a “female girl” then it may not work, but for someone who doesn’t have a strict type, it would be fantastic.

Miranda is at her best when she is honest and admits her true thoughts and feelings. He’s saying it the way it is, and it’s fantastic.

5 Mai: “When single men have a lot of money, it works to their advantage, but when a single woman has money …”

When single men have a lot of money, it works to their advantage, but when a single woman has money, it’s a problem you face. It’s ridiculous! I want to enjoy my success, don’t apologize for it.

There are many things said about Sex and the City that other women can relate to but that men may not want to hear. This is definitely one of them, and it’s a big reason why this wouldn’t work like a collection line.

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It seems that Miranda could use it as a collection line and start some discussion – or at least an animated discussion that didn’t end in a date or relationship. She would have been told that men don’t really think women who have money are a problem, she would say they are wrong and simply wouldn’t be okay.

4 Might Work: “Sexy is what I try to show them after conquering them with my personality”.

As for the Miranda Hobbes quotes, this is fascinating, and most likely it would work if he used it to catch someone because it’s so funny.

This quote shows how confident Miranda is, and it’s something that many people are looking for in a potential partner. It also makes it look like she has an extraordinary personality, and who wouldn’t want to keep talking to her to see what she means?

3 Mai: “Do you have what I want? Do you have what I need? Well, what I want is to fuck. What I need is to fuck. I need to fuck!”

Miranda yells at a construction worker in the first season, and it’s one of his funniest moments. It is also a collection line that would never work. (He gets points to tell him when he hates being called, because nobody should take care of it.)

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This speech arouses despair and it seems that it would make someone run in the opposite direction or pretend not to have listened to it.

2 Might Work: “Relationships are not about gambling. They are about mature and honest communication.”

This quote from Miranda’s second season is one of the smartest things she says. It makes perfect sense and is very logical.

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This could work like a collection line because if you told someone, they would nod, smile and say you were right. It would seem like a breath of fresh air to hear someone admit that communication and honesty are the best ways to sustain a relationship.

1 Mai: “Twin souls exist only in the Duane Reade Drugs aisle.”

Miranda says so in the first episode of season 4, and it’s the kind of thing that fans are used to hearing her say. After all, Miranda is stubborn and tough.

But as a collection line, it’s pretty terrible. Imagine hearing someone say this. It would seem that spending more time with them was a good idea? Surely not.

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