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5 movies based on reality have been accused of lying. Not just “Big Mike”

Cinema loves to dramatize, especially in the case of biographical films. The title “Nonfiction” does not represent a one-to-one true event. Therefore, it can be safely said that the creators of these productions leave the door open to various interpretations within the limits of this genre. But recent developments in the critically acclaimed drama “Big Mike” have sparked a debate over fictional biographies. Here are 5 movies based on true stories that are accused of falsehood.

Recently, the scandal surrounding the Oscar-winning film became loud “Wielki Mike. The Blind Side” from 2009, which was supposed to be based on reality. The plot of the biographical drama tells the story of a homeless black teenager with a positive heart who is adopted by a wealthy white family.

Under the care of Leigh Anne Tuohy and her husband, the boy grew into an American football star, playing with the Baltimore Ravens in the team’s winning game during the 2013 Super Bowl.

Recently it turned out that he is 37 years old Michael Oher filed a lawsuit against Mr. and Mrs. Tuohy. According to the athlete, his adoptive parents deceived him. As she says, when Leigh and her husband Sean turned 18, they were supposed to give her papers to sign, which put her on probation (yes, Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes were also under her supervision). Oher thought the contract was part of the adoption process – the guardians told him that guardianship was the same.

The former NFL player only found out the truth earlier this year. In practice, guardianship meant that he never formally belonged to Touha’s family, and his new guardians could conclude several contracts on his behalf and dispose of his property. That’s why Oher accused the “parents” of earning royalties from “Big Mike”, who earned as much as $300 million worldwide.

5 movies based on reality have been accused of lying

Movies and posters that say “a story based on true events” often dramatize these events. “Based on” does not mean “100 percent true.” Here are 7 other productions that are accused of lying and bending reality in the name of providing better entertainment for viewers.

1. Captain Phillips

“Captain Phillips” directed by Paul Greengrass (“Bloody Sunday”) tells the story of the robbery of the American container ship Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates. In the drama Tom Hanks and the captain of the ship, Richard Phillips, was shown as a model of heroism. It is worth noting that the lion’s share of the script was based on the book “A Captain’s Duty”, which Phillips wrote together with Stephan Talty.

Although most of what we see on the screen is true, the biggest conflict in the film is the aforementioned heroism of the title character. The Hollywood production sells viewers the narrative that Phillips was willing to sacrifice his life to save the crew Maersk Alabama.

In one of the scenes, we see the captain go down to the lifeboat with the pirates to help them start it. Then the kidnappers decided not to release the man, even if the crew of the container ship met the conditions for the exchange of hostages. According to some of the current members of the hijacked ship, Phillips was more a victim of an angry exchange than a heroic martyr.

In late April 2009, almost two weeks after the incident, crew members sued Maersk Line and Waterman Steamship Corp. to consciously expose them to danger, emphasizing, inter alia, that Phillips was partly complicit in the situation. In court testimony in 2013, the captain admitted that he had ignored warnings about large-scale pirates at sea.

2. Argo

“Operation Argo” it’s an Oscar winning movie Bena Affleck on an event called hostage crisis in Iran. In November 1979, nine months after the victory of the Islamic revolution in that country, a group of several hundred Shiite activists, students and clerics seized the American embassy in Tehran and took its diplomatic staff hostage.

The cause of the riots was the actions of the US president at the time Jimmy’ego walletwhich granted the last Iranian Shah asylum in the United States for cancer treatment.

The plot of the production focuses on the rescue operation of six hostages who managed to escape from the US embassy and go to the Canadian diplomatic mission. The successful operation was and is still talked about in Canada with pride. In fact, in the 1980s, the United States itself thanked the neighboring country for helping its compatriots – banners and thanks were hung in the streets of American cities, and the Canadian ambassador to Iran, Ken TaylorHe even won a medal for his daring attitude.

Affleck’s “Operation Argo” caused a wave of discontent among Canadians because it downplayed and also glorified their role in protecting Americans during the hostage crisis. CIA. The film’s script drew heavily from a book by former American intelligence officer Tony Mendez, who exfiltrated the Canadian embassy hostages. This information was not published until 1997.

– 90 percent of the contribution to the idea and implementation of the plan came from Canada. And the film gives credit almost entirely to the CIA. By the way, ‘Operation Argo’ is a very positive movie, but Ben Affleck’s character was … in Tehran for only a day and a half. In my opinion, the main hero of this action was Ken Taylor – said former president Jimmy Carter in an interview with CNN.

Taylor felt slighted by the creators of Argo, noting that Canada was portrayed in the drama as a docile assistant to the CIA’s heroic deeds.

3. A beautiful spirit

“beautiful mind” Ron Howard (“The Da Vinci Code”) follows the biography of the American mathematician John Nashwhich he had Nobel Prize in economics for “pioneering equilibrium analysis in non-cooperative game theory”. The film is considered one of the best biographical films of all time, although most of the scenes it is famous for are the best kind of imagination, which assumed a conscious movement on the part of the creators and symbolized. schizophrenia scientist

In the film Nash, whose role was awarded Russell Crowemeet and talk with imaginary people, when in fact he suffered from auditory hallucinations, not visual people.

Viewers will surely remember the sequence where the math professors at Princeton University, one by one, present the now aged Nash with their quills as thanks for his achievements. According to the official website of the Princeton University Library, there has never been such a custom at the university, and the final scene with Crowe was “manufactured” for the Dream Factory.

The tormented speech at the Nobel Prize ceremony also never happened in real life. Nash attended the ceremony in Stockholm, received the statue without a word, bowed to the audience and returned to his seat to applause.

The film’s scientist works for an imaginary Pentagon official who asks him to decode Soviet codes. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, Nash devoted himself to national security work, but he did not cooperate with the Pentagon and served as a consultant at the RAND think tank.

4. Sully

In the movie “Sully” Clint Eastwood (“Gran Torino” and “Million Dollar Baby”) we see a fictionalized version of the dramatic events on the river. Hudson since January 2009. The main character, the captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenbergerthat he plays Tom Hanksdecided to make an emergency landing on an ice-free New York river to save the lives of 155 passengers on US Airways Flight 1549.

The subject taken by the writers of the biographical drama caused a sensation not only in the United States, but also in other parts of the world. nonetheless, the very idea of ​​making the film based on the famous launch (and this is about its “raw” screen adaptation) lacked an element that would keep viewers in constant suspense during the screening for more than two hours .

The January 15, 2009 flight lasted only four minutes. So Eastwood needed to extract from the intriguing plot of landing Hudson in its psychological and political potential. Therefore, the plot of “Sully” largely focuses on the pilot’s struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Clint Eastwood turned a routine investigation by the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) into an interrogation from hell, which obviously did not sit well with the government organization, which believes that the Hollywood title cast it as antagonistic and showed it as incompetent.

Eastwood brought tension between the committee and the captain of US Airways Flight 1549 so that Tom Hanks could deliver a solemn monologue about the human factor in taking risks.

5. A secret game

As we wrote earlier in naTemat, a fracture the Enigma cipher, the legendary German coding machine, is considered one of the most important events of World War II. And not without reason, because according to historians, this feat in the history of cryptology is the shortest war, which was still very bloody, even by 3 years.

w “Secret Game” Morten Tyldum (“Headhunters” and “Passengers”) takes a close look at the rich life of a mathematician. Alana Turinga (in this role Benedict Cumberbatch). The London-born scientist worked on breaking the code of the Third Reich.

According to the website Information is Beautiful, which checks movies for historical accuracy, only 41.4 percent. The scene of the simulation game can be described as “real”.

The biggest controversy in the scientific community, as well as in our backyard, is caused by the fact that the film and Cumberbatch are almost completely omitted. Polish thread working on breaking Enigma.

The script portrays Turing as someone who invents and builds a groundbreaking machine. Without a Polish cryptologist Marian Rejewskiwho broke an early version of Enigma in 1932, there would be no Alan Turing.

It should be mentioned that the film completely erases from the history the figure of the mathematician Gordon Welchman working in the secret decryption center of Bletchley Park and attributes his achievements to the cryptanalyst Hugh Alexander.

The Imitation Game also distorts the recruitment process for a math student Joan Clarke (Keira Knightley). According to the script of the drama, the woman joins the project after correctly solving a crossword puzzle in the newspaper. In fact, he joined the ranks of Bletchley Park thanks to Welchman.

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