5 Myths and Facts About the 5G Network

KOMPAS.com – The fifth generation network, aka 5G, is finally officially held in Indonesia. Telkomsel is the first cellular operator to roll out 5G commercially in the country.

To deploy 5G, Telkomsel uses the 2,300 MHz frequency band for data plane and the band for 1,800 MHz control plane.

The presence of 5G services itself is considered important because it can help in the process of industrial development from various aspects, ranging from commercials such as internet of things (IoT) to projects smart city.

Even though it brings a myriad of positives, the presence of 5G is not free from the various myths that follow. So, what are the false myths about 5G?

1. 5G spreads Covid-19

Various conspiracy theories regarding the Covid-19 virus have circulated widely on the internet. One of them said that the Covid-19 virus could spread through the 5G network. This myth was later dismissed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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The health agency under the United Nations said that the Covid-19 virus has also spread in various countries that have not implemented 5G cellular networks, including Indonesia.

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WHO also emphasized that the Covid-19 virus can only be spread through coughing, sneezing and droplet when someone who is infected is talking, not via 5G.

2. Damaging brain tissue

To deploy 5G, there are two types of networks that can be used, namely Sub-6GHZ and mmWave.

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Regarding the two types of networks, it seems that a myth has circulated that the 5G network has the potential to burn human brain tissue.

This rumor comes from a theory put forward by a physicist who explains that waves at high frequencies can accelerate the brain’s performance in absorbing these waves to an extreme.


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