5 new video games expected in 2021

Video game producers obviously think that citizens will spend 2021 at home in front of the computer. The number of new releases being announced is breaking all records and since it is impossible to review them all, you need to choose the best that the gaming industry has to offer.

Hitman 3

The action game, released for the first time by IO Interactive in 2016, has a third installment (the eighth series of the main story). Fans of the series will find the protagonist, his girlfriend Diana and his friend Lucas to accomplish dangerous missions against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes. Six new locations will be unlocked for single-player PC play:

  • Dartmouth (Great Britain) and Bergin (Germany);
  • Dubai (UAE) and Chongqing (China);
  • Mendoza (Argentina) and Carpathians (Romania).

The game will be available on PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and a little later on Nintendo. Like the developers of other franchises, the producers of the game promise high quality, no bugs and a high level of protection. Given the intensification of competition, this approach is necessary: ​​players are so reluctant to endure even minor flaws that they increasingly resort to aggregators, who preselect projects based on opinions. and evaluations. Gambling enthusiasts use the proven service casinoenligne-site.com. Fans of computer shooter games, on the other hand, rely on the reviews of those who have tried the game before.

Fans of the saga will be especially happy as the previous series are downloadable and all three versions fit into a unique skill progression storyline.

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Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earth blood

Cyanide Studio is about to present the action RPG game Werewolf. The game opens up a new world with a community of vampires and werewolves, whose main character has been banned for a nasty act. Krinos-Kahal, who takes on the appearance of a wolf and a human, will be the character of the game. Players will have to take advantage of the abilities of both forms and save the world from monopoly corporations and their destructive influence on the world. ecological plan.

The game will be available on PC and Xbox SX, PS5, Xbox one, PS4. Among European languages, only English is available. Later, the developer promises to make patches with subtitles.

Syberia: The World Before

The third part of the saga has been called a failure by the producers themselves. Consequently, the development of the new and, normally, the latest version of Syberia, has been approached more cautiously by the publishing company. The release has been postponed several times and little has been said about the plot.

The graphics will be changed and should be much more detailed, although a bit darker. The adventures will be much more numerous and we will find the same protagonists: Kate Walker and for Dana Rose. Regarding the period covered by the plot, it extends approximately from 1937 to 2004.

The developer of the most famous modern puzzle game is still the same – Koalabs, Microids.

Hogwarts Legacy

Here, there is no question of playing Harry Potter himself at Hogwarts. The game will take place in the 1800s and will follow a student as he learns to cast magic spells, brew potions and tame magic beasts. Hogwarts Legacy will allow you to travel to a world of wizards and muggles, already well known thanks to iconic books and film adaptations.

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The writers have managed not to copy the locations of the film and move away from the personality of the usual protagonist, while also picking up some elements of the classic story. The game will be available on PC, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4.

King’s Bounty II

An army of fans await the return of this game. The manufacturer promises that after three postponements of the release date, these expectations will not be disappointed. The plot will take place in the great kingdom of Nostria victim of dark forces (monsters, bandits, scum of all kinds). The non-linear story will depend on the actions of the player himself, and you will have a choice of three characters, each with a specific background.

The developer gives a minimum of information but we know that the scenario is designed to last 20 to 30 hours of play without interruption. If we take into account the additional quests, it will be possible to play for up to 70 hours. The release is scheduled for all popular platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

With these new features, users with outdated hardware will be left out and will only be able to play a few games. It is clear from the announcements that the requirements for computer hardware are increasing every year. It may be time to invest for those who want to discover these novelties and who do not have the right equipment.

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