5 Safest Cities in the World After the COVID-19 Pandemic, Any from Indonesia?


The Economist Intelligence Unit recently released its 2021 safe city index. There are 60 city rankings based on 76 safety indicators across infrastructure, digital living, personal security, environmental factors and, of course, health with pandemic preparedness to COVID-19 deaths this year’s data. .

Those at the top of the index are Copenhagen, Toronto, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo. All of them have factors that describe how overall security is correlated with a strong sense of social cohesion, total population inclusion, and community trust.

Quoted from BBCHere are the reasons why these five cities are considered the safest to visit after the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Copenhagen

At the top of the index, the Danish capital is highly rated because of the index’s new environmental safety pillar, which measures sustainability (including renewable energy incentives), air quality, waste management and urban forest cover.

One last point that really made an impact, namely the assessment of the city’s improvement in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the restriction strategy there was completely lifted in September 2021.

“Parks and green areas and waterways are very popular during the pandemic. Copenhagen residents are walking around buying food to take home and enjoying the city’s plenty of free breathing space,” said resident Asbjørn Overgaard, CEO of the nonprofit Copenhagen Capacity.

Copenhagen also continues to facilitate residents with strict Corona guidelines, both indoors and outdoors. Not only that, Copenhagen is also conducting a massive mass COVID-19 test for free for everyone including tourists.

2. Toronto

Canada’s largest city is ranked second in the overall safety index, with high scores on infrastructure and environmental safety. Residents throughout the community are active in Corona prevention, and have full awareness of the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The attitude of mutual cooperation among the people of Toronto, was told by one of the residents there, Farida Talaat. For example, they do pick-up for those who cannot go to health facilities, to ensure equality of vaccination for all groups.

3. Singapore

Ranked second in digital security, health security and infrastructure security, Singapore used that power to move quickly during the early days of the pandemic, launching digital monitoring and contact tracing quickly.

Singapore also has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, already at 80 per cent of vaccinations, but still requires close monitoring and contact tracing in the face of new variants, as a spike in cases has been reported in recent days.

“Before they can enter a building or place, all residents need to scan their TraceTogether token or phone app to check-in SafeEntry,” said Singaporean Sam Lee, who runs the eponymous travel blog.

“This allows [pihak berwenang] to quickly track individuals who may have mingled or interacted with those infected with COVID-19, so that quarantine orders can be placed to contain or break the chain of transmission of the Corona virus.”

Travelers will also need to install the TraceTogether token or rent a pre-installed phone before they enter the country.

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