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5 tips for your Christmas tree to fit in the car

The holiday fever will be spreading on the street today, as the Christmas countdown begins.

For the first time since 2012, December 1st falls on a Saturday and many of them will mark the opportunity to shop for the perfect tree.

And there are many choices too. This year, Aldi joined the tree mix starting at £ 7.49, Ikea handed out £ 20 free vouchers and Homebase sold one of six feet for just £ 12.

The bigger, the better it is, whether it is real or fake, but how are you going to get it in the car for the return trip?

In front of the department store, an investigation by which? found that none of the five best-selling cars in the UK could contain a Christmas tree more than 165 cm, or 20 cm less than the average-sized Christmas tree bought in the UK. United.

So, how can you cope? We will take a look.

How to load a Christmas tree in your car

1. Measure your car – and the tree

Check the size of the cab of your vehicle before choosing your tree.

Kamalvir Dhillon of B & Q also advises: "Take a measuring tape with you when choosing your tree in the store to ensure a perfect fit."

2. Make sure the Christmas tree is in mesh

This will make it easier to handle when loading in or on the car, while also protecting the foliage.

3. Fold your seats

Place all the rear passenger seats and remove all other luggage from the cabin. Some cars also allow you to fold the front passenger seat completely.

3. Invest in a sturdy boot liner to protect the car seats

"Boot linings are a great way to protect the carpet of your car boot from damage and also capture loose pine needles to minimize damage to your car." Slipper with carrying handles will also facilitate loading and unloading from your tree, "Dhillon told me.

4. Check that you can drive safely

Once the tree is safe in the cabin and all the doors are closed, make sure you can still see through the window, that you can move the gear lever easily and that nothing hits the steering wheel .

5. Drive home with care

"Big trees can be very difficult to transport because of their size and weight," explains Kamalvir Dhillon.

"They are also easily damaged if they are not moved carefully and taking into account their size.

"Consider renting a van or even going to a big tree removal company if you do not have friends or family members available."

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