5,000 liters of toxic substances flow into the Arve

It is a significant industrial pollution which occurred in the valley of the Arve.

Yesterday morning, a private company in Bonneville, specializing in the processing of bar turning parts, realized that one of its tanks was leaking.

Very quickly, the alert was given and the leak sealed, but 5,000 liters of nickel sulfate had already escaped from the tank, which contained 12,000 liters.

The substance, toxic for the environment, spread in the yard of the company, before joining the rainwater network, then the Arve.

The drinking water network was not affected.

Firefighters intervened to install a balloon system in the pipes to obstruct them.

Two specialized companies then pumped and recovered the nickel sulphate, which will go to the treatment plant.

Checks in the water network were carried out to verify the extent of the pollution.

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