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6 fantastic nutritious and delicious foods that would help reduce the sense of hunger and weight loss

Losing weight is a common goal for many people. It would be wonderful to be able to lose weight by eating and still feeling full. The main trick would be this: being able to feel full even when eating foods that don’t make you fat. It would be perfect if these were also delicious and beautiful. Well, food science suggests several foods that may retain these properties. Especially with the arrival of summer, lightening the load that the body is forced to carry can only do well. It is not only a matter of body weight but also of digestion and digestibility. The gut load and food that is heavy, difficult to digest certainly does not help with the sensation of the oppressive heat. That’s why it’s good to know 6 amazing nutritious and delicious foods that dietitians say could help you lose weight simply by reducing the sense of hunger.

Like? Soon. These are foods high in fiber, protein and water. Thanks to this, the food is filled to the brim with dull hunger. In practice, you feel fuller and less eager to eat something to fill your stomach. Therefore, it is easier to resist temptation. It almost sounds like magic, but it really isn’t. Just try for a few days already to realize the satiating power of these foods.

6 fantastic nutritious and delicious foods that would help reduce the sense of hunger and weight loss

The first miracle food for weight loss would be whole eggs. They are rich in nutrients and high in protein. They especially help people who play sports. Obviously, it is best to consume them firmly and in moderation. Among the fruit, there is certainly the red melon. It has a very low calorie content, is rich in water and very satisfying. But apples in particular are perfect. They have great satiating power and are rich in “good” nutrients. An excellent “dessert” also for breakfast and snacks is Greek yogurt. It has a high protein content and would help you feel full and full. Any type of vegetable is fine, because they are rich in fiber, which reduces the feeling of satiety, and are very low in calories.

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Finally, lentils, which have a high fiber and protein content. Therefore, they are perfect for reducing feelings of satiety and feeling satisfied after eating. For those looking to gain muscle mass and maybe work out, here’s a final trick. Having breakfast with two or three bananas along with a glass of milk and some dried fruit would seem to be a real miracle!


It seems incredible but to lose weight by eating for the summer it would be enough to use these good recipes even seasoned without giving anything away.

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