6 Foods and Drinks that are Bad for Lung Health

KOMPAS.com – A healthy and balanced diet is very helpful for maintaining and improving lung health.

Some foods contain what the lungs need to maintain their function.

There are also types of food and drink that should be limited or avoided because they can cause lung health problems.

Especially for people diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), changing their diet to a healthier one is highly recommended by medical experts.

Reported from WebMD and Lung Health InstituteHere are 6 foods and drinks that are bad for lung health.

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1. Processed meat

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Research has shown a link between processed or preserved meat and decreased lung function.

Researchers suspect that the nitrite used in meat preservation can cause inflammation in the lungs

2. Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol is not good for liver and lung health. Sulfites in alcohol can worsen asthma symptoms and ethanol can affect lung cells.

If you drink too much alcohol, you may be more susceptible to pneumonia and other lung problems.

3. Sweet drinks

Keep your lungs healthy by drinking more water and avoiding sugary drinks.

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A study found that adults who drink more than five sugary drinks a week may have a greater risk of developing bronchitis.

For smokers, soft drinks that do not contain sweeteners can have a negative impact on the lungs.

4. Too much salt

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Foods that have too much salt can increase the risk of lung problems. People who eat too much salt may suffer from long-term bronchitis.

In addition, foods that are too much salt can also worsen asthma symptoms so their use should be limited.

To limit salt intake, cook your own food so that the various ingredients used can be adapted to your health goals.

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5. Fried foods

Fried foods can cause bloating and discomfort by compressing the diaphragm making breathing uncomfortable.

Eating fried foods in excess can also lead to weight gain which in turn increases the pressure on the lungs.

6. Cruciferous vegetables

As with fried foods, cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, radish, and cauliflower can cause bloating and press on the diaphragm.

For people who suffer from lung disease, you should limit or avoid this type of vegetables because they may cause discomfort.


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