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Cathedral basilica of Saint-Denis

Few religious buildings combine with as much force spirituality and history. Built over the tomb of saint Denis, beheaded in 250, the basilica, elevated to the rank of cathedral houses the tombs of 43 kings and 32 queens. If we except a passage through the mass grave, after the Terror, all found here their last resting place. It is within the framework of the ” us To the basilica ! “(project to promote the meeting between the site and the inhabitants of the city) that has been created this virtual tour with the help of three young Dionysiens trained in photography at 360 degrees. Plans allow you to view all of the basilica to get to easily in the bedside, with recumbent figures, or in the garden.

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Inaccessible in real life, the great Cavaillé-Coll organ give a spectacular view over the nave. Written documents and sound enrich the visit with explanations of the specific characteristics of the sites, as well as on the story of abbot Suger and his conviction that the beauty and harmony of ornaments make it easier to mystical illumination. basilique360.fr


Castle of Chambord

If it’s not a place of power, the castle of Chambord manifest the power of the kings of France. Francis Ier the building to the glory of this palace, which became the emblem of the French Renaissance. He comes here for the hunting, taking advantage of its location in the heart of the forest game, but spent only a few tens of days, in thirty-two years of reign. If it brings not much information, the virtual tour provides a nice overview of the castle.

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Is required first the vision of an imposing building, and yet lightweight, by the exuberance of its chimneys and carved capitals. Different 360 degree views from terraces and roofs, where contrast freestone and slate, and allow you to understand the building within its environment of marshy lands solognotes. Of the south façade, one enters the great room in cross, with its vaulted coffered decorated with emblems of Francis Ier, and the double stairway, architectural element, the most striking of the castle. A pity that this virtual tour done before the restoration of the gardens to the French in 2017 do not realize. podibus.com/Chambord_VR


Memorial of Verdun

In 1967, the founders of the Memorial of Verdun have the ambition of making the city lorraine, the ” world capital of peace “. Fifty years earlier, from February to December 1917, the battle of Verdun resulted in more than 700,000 victims, German and French, without the two armies will not be able to move the lines of their war of position. First place of remembrance for the veterans of the First world War, the Memorial has since 2016 the conflict under a point of view of the franco-German.

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Since the containment, it offers a virtual tour, a part of which only is free. The complete tour, at a price of 3 € to support the museum and have access to the information and audio-visual documents of the rich permanent exhibition. There are discussed with pedagogy the context and the main places of fights, and there are very concrete things, such as uniforms, supplies and the daily lives of fighters holed up in shell holes. memorial-verdun-360.fr

Jealously looked upon

Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

Success meteoric Nicolas Fouquet, no more than the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte. The superintendent of finance had brought together the greatest talents of his time (the architect Louis Le Vau, the painter Charles Le Brun and the landscape gardener André Le Nôtre) to build the castle that caused his loss : Louis XIV took umbrage at his pomp, and did it throw them in jail, before asking the same artists to build Versailles.

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Two virtual tours allow you to explore this magnificent building, furnished and decorated as at the time of Fouquet, as well as its gardens, which foreshadow the style of the French. The lack of comments may be offset by
online exhibitions. One, ” Louis XIV/Nicholas Fouquet : A history of taste “, beyond the perpetual opposition between the two men to acknowledge their artistic visions common ; the other, ” Vaux-le-Vicomte, a masterpiece step by step “, commented on the model whose splendor and the harmonious composition inspired the whole of Europe. artsandculture.google.com


Castle of Pierrefonds

With its towers, its keep, its battlements, covered, and its machicolations, this imposing castle in the Oise, at the edge of the forest of Compiègne, has all the features of the medieval building. There remains, however, that the ruins when Napoleon III is concerned with the building constructed at the end of the XIVe century by the duke Louis of Orleans, and dismantled in the SEVENTEENTHe. The head of State entrusted the reconstruction to the architect Viollet-le-Duc, who re-creates of all parts on the model of an ideal castle in the Middle Age.

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The virtual tour, which begins with a panoramic view outside, and is accompanied by texts which detail every step : the drawbridge, the courtyard, the chapel, with his head in gray stone, the remains of the medieval building, the great room of preuses… clicks on items in the world can approach and obtain explanations. A map shows at any time where the virtual visitor and the orientation of its field of vision. chateau-pierrefonds.fr


► The Pantheon

Votive church desired in 1744 by Louis XV, after having survived an unexplained fever, the building was transformed at the death of Mirabeau, a leading figure in revolutionary Pantheon which will be met in the tombs of the great men of France. On seventy-four personalities who have a tomb or a funerary urn, only four women are buried to their personal merit : Marie Curie in a coffin surrounded by a layer of lead, his body continuing to send waves of radioactive, resistant Germaine Tillion and Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz and the politician Simone Veil.

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If, strangely enough, the virtual tour does not reach the crypt, it offers stunning views of the facade, the roofs and the dome which dominate a part of Paris, the nave, the memorial to the national Convention and the Foucault pendulum, placed there in 1851 by the physicist of the same name, in the search of a tall building to prove the rotation of the Earth. paris-pantheon.fr


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