6 Unique Facts about Megalodon Sharks, Animals with the Strongest Jaws

KOMPAS.com – The megalodon shark was one of the largest predators that ever lived. The Latin name of this fish is Otudus megalodon. Previously this shark was known by the name Carcharolon megalodon.

This shark lived since 20 million years ago and became the fish that dominated marine life at that time. Unfortunately, this fish became extinct about 2.6 million years ago.

Reported from National History MuseumHere are some unique facts about the megalodon shark.

1. Megalodon is the largest shark in the world

Megalodon is included in the ranks of the largest fish in the world. This fish is estimated to grow 15 to 18 meters long. This size is three times larger than the white shark that is still alive today.

In fact, the name megalodon means big tooth. This is evidenced by the discovery of a megalodon shark fossil whose teeth have a length of 18 centimeters.

2. Megalodon eats big fish

To meet their needs, these fish need to eat large fish such as whales. Researchers have found a whale fossil with megalodon teeth attached to a whale fossil. This suggests a whale-sized fish being the food of the megalodon fish.

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3. Megalodon shark mouth opening is very large

Because the fish eaten are large, this shark has to open its mouth very large. Researchers estimate the jaw opening of this fish is around 2.7 to 3.4 meters. This size is large enough to be able to swallow two adults side by side at once.

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4. The bite is very strong

Megalodon’s jaws were very strong and equipped with 276 teeth. The human bite force was recorded at only about 1,317 Newtons. While studies show, the bite force of the megalodon shark is around 108,514 to 182,201 Newtons.

The researchers estimated that the megalodon’s bite force was six times greater than that of Tyrannosaurus rex. This means this shark has the strongest bite of any animal that has ever existed.

5, Almost all megalodon fossils are teeth

Sharks continue to produce teeth throughout their lives. When he eats, he can lose several teeth each week. It is estimated that sharks produce up to 40,000 teeth during their lifetime. This is why many shark teeth fell out and were found as fossils on the ocean floor.

6. The destruction of megalodon sharks

Megalodon sharks became extinct at the end of the Pliocene, or about 2.6 million years ago. This is the phase where the Earth enters winter completely.

Extinction initially attacked the smaller animals that could not survive the decreasing water temperature. Sharks as predators at the top of the food chain are affected and become extinct due to the unavailability of food.

In addition, allegedly, these fish can not survive the cold temperatures.


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