7 Beautiful and Charming Types of Indonesian Orchids All

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com- Orchid flowers have a timeless appeal. Although many types of ornamental flowers have begun to be cultivated, orchids remain the most popular ornamental flowers as decorations in the room or as a decoration for the terrace of the house.

Orchid flowers consist of hundreds of types of plants with various crosses making this flower has many beautiful flower varieties.

Each type of orchid also has different flower characteristics, with different sizes and patterns.

Launching from the Fifteen Youtube channel, Friday (9/24/2021), if you are looking for an additional collection of orchids, these 7 recommendations for Indonesian orchids with beautiful flower petals can be your target.

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This orchid, which has a characteristic white color with yellow and red patterns, comes from West Kalimantan.

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The white flower petals with yellow hues make this orchid resemble the shape of the moon at night.

Moon orchids are perfect for indoor decoration because they don’t require a lot of sunlight to grow.

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Orchid shoes mustache

Kasut mustache orchids have a unique flower shape that is similar to a bag of semar because it has pockets and is hairy.

The feathers on the petals of this flower make it look like a mustache so it is called a mustache orchid.

The petals have a combination of purple and green, because of this uniqueness, this orchid is hunted by ornamental flower hobbyists.

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Fast Orchid

This kebutan orchid has small, bright orange flower petals. The striking color of the flowers and growing in groups on one stem is the attraction of the Butan Orchid.

This orchid is a rare orchid that is protected by the state, so you should also preserve it.

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Emerald Orchid

PIXABAY/RAINERBERNS Illustration of an orchid flower in the room.

This emerald orchid is an orchid native to Indonesia which has the Latin name Dendrobium Macrophyllum.

If you are looking for orchids with distinctive characteristics, this flower can be an option because it has a unique flower petal that has feathers like a rambutan fruit.

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Hartinah Orchid

You are certainly no stranger to the name of this orchid, its name is taken from the late first lady, Mrs. Tien Suharto.

He was instrumental in the breeding of orchids discovered by Husni E Nasution in 1976. The petals have a dominant purple color with cream gradations.

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Orchids are letters

No less interesting than other orchids, the uniqueness of this orchid lies in its leaf pattern which is like a flash of lightning.

In addition to being patterned like a flash of lightning, the leaves have dark green and black colors. This orchid has the Latin name Macodes Petola with a small size making it suitable as a decoration on the table.

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Poor Orchid

Larat is the name of the island in Tanimbar, Maluku where this larat orchid originates. In its natural habitat this plant grows naturally in the gaps of large trees. The dark purple color is characteristic of the orchid which has the Latin name Dendrobium Phalaenopsis.


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