7 star cuts to be inspired by

With the arrival of autumn, do you want to change your haircut but you don’t know which look to go to? Get inspired by the stars and copy their haircuts! From masculine versions to short and jaunty cuts, up to timeless bobs. We have selected for 7 star haircuts that meet the needs of both those who want long hair and those who love short hair: from Emma Marrone to Jennifer Lopez, passing through Úrsula Corberó and Kaia Gerber. Here are the trendiest haircuts for fall 2020.

1. Il pixie cut di Zoe Kravitz

A very short and jaunty cut, perfect for those with regular features. Practical and convenient to keep even at home, the pixie cut XS it goes well with any hair color, even the most whimsical. The only attention to be had is the fixed appointment with the hairdresser every three weeks to always have the cut in perfect order.

2. Jessica Chastain’s layered cut

The long and parade cut of the American actress has already conquered the web. The hair is long and flowing while in being shorter and more scaled are the frontal tufts that frame the face. The length of the scaling reaches the height of the cheekbone to give movement to the hair style. A cut that can be worn smooth or wavy for greater sinuosity.

3. The mullet hair of Úrsula Corberó

The famous Tokyo from the TV series The paper house follows the vintage trend of mullet hair, the trendy cut of the 80s with the shorter top and longer lengths in the back. A casual and glamorous cut that can also be worn in the wavy version and with the wet effect.

4. Il taglio a la garçonne di Charlize Theron

Short and masculine, Charlize Theron’s à la garçonne cut is one of the most loved by those who want a drastic change of look by focusing on the short. Side line and a very light tuft carried on the side make the cut very elegant and sophisticated, but jaunty at the same time.

5. Kaia Gerber’s bob

The timeless bob will be an evergreen cut also for autumn 2020. The bob is one of the most loved haircuts ever. Kaia Berger wears it in the classic version, with the length that touches the jaw. Perfect both smooth and wavy, it is the cut to try if you love the middle ground.

6. Emma Marrone’s long bob

If you prefer to go for a medium length cut, you can copy Emma Marrone’s look with her long bob. The long version of the bob is one of the most popular: it touches the shoulders and is perfect both smooth and wavy and also allows you to gather your hair in a low ponytail or a chignon.

7. Jennifer Lopez’s bangs

The fringe will be one of the must-haves of autumn 2020. To copy the one worn by Jennifer Lopez che chose full XL bangs which can also be carried with a curtain, open in the center. A perfect cut to create volume and give movement to your hair.

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