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7 Ways to Make Intimate Relationships Still Enjoyable for Diabetics

Thursday, March 24, 2022 – 02:05 WIB

Couple. Photo : Ricardo/JPNN com

jpnn.com – Not a few diabetics who also experience sexuality disorders or problems in bed.

In fact, diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Meanwhile, women with diabetes can experience vaginal dryness.

Both conditions make it difficult for diabetics to enjoy a quality sexual life.

Even so, that does not mean people with diabetes are resigned to the situation. Relax, there are several ways to have sex for diabetics to stay comfortable.

1. Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

There is nothing wrong with checking blood sugar levels before having sex, especially if you are using insulin injection therapy.

This action aims to prevent a drop in blood sugar levels below normal, which triggers hypoglycemia.

According to dr. Dyah Novita Anggraini, hypoglycemia can make sex so that sex is not comfortable and enjoyable,” said dr. Dyah Novita.

“Hypoglycemia causes people with diabetes to experience decreased libido, so if your blood sugar levels are too low due to antidiabetic drugs or insulin injections, try eating foods, such as whole wheat bread and peanut butter.

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