750 people save their lives thanks to Miajadas blood donations | Miajadas

The Brotherhood of Blood Donors of Cáceres, on behalf of the patients who have received the blood from the 250 Miajadas donations, thanks the neighbors for their generosity, since, thanks to them, 750 people have saved their lives.

The president, Jesús Domínguez, will always remember the anecdote that occurred in the town 50 years ago, with Mr. Naranjo as mayor: «We went to the cinema to show a film entitled ‘Your blood, source of life’. The big surprise was that only 15 or 20 people came to see this film, and we did not take more than 10 jars in the collection. Today Miajadas is one of the best towns in our region according to the number of inhabitants ”.

At the same time he thanks the mayor for his work, and all the people who collaborate in successes such as those of this last donation campaign, such as delegates Loli and Choni, who do an enormous task risking their own health.

Domínguez has asked the mayor to convey to the town of Miajadas his eternal gratitude on behalf of the Governing Board of the Brotherhood and the patients who have received “that precious liquid that is neither bought nor sold.”


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