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8 Eating Habits That Can Fail Weight Loss, Including Eating While Watching

KOMPAS.com – In addition to diet, the eating habits you do also play an important role in helping or hindering weight loss efforts.

Roxana Ehsani, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, registered dietitian nutritionist and spokesperson Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics That said, many people know what they should eat, but they tend to struggle with adopting healthy eating habits.

“I’ve seen a number of patients who are frustrated, because they eat well and exercise regularly, but don’t see the desired weight loss results and don’t know why,” she says.

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According to Ehsani, one of the causes is eating habits. For example, there are people who always eat quickly throughout their lives or are used to eating on the go. These are unhealthy eating habits that can hinder weight loss efforts.

The problem is, this unhealthy eating habit is often not realized, because it has been done since childhood.

Here are 8 unhealthy eating habits to avoid if you want to lose weight.

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1. Not eating during work breaks

Ehsani said that currently most people are still working from home and are closer to their kitchens, but a recent survey found that most people don’t take advantage of their lunch break.

“Many of us may be tempted to work around the clock, from breakfast and lunch in an attempt to get the job done as quickly as possible,” says Ehsani.

However, not eating lunch during breaks is actually actually dangerous. This can reduce productivity, mood, and ensure that we overeat later in the day, which can lead to weight gain over time.

2. Eat at the work table

Many of us may choose to eat at our desks, in order to use our time more efficiently when we have to get a lot of work done.

“This not only reduces our enjoyment of the eating experience, but also makes it harder for us to eat consciously – what we eat and how much we eat,” explains Ehsani.

“Instead of paying attention to the taste, smell, and appearance of the food in front of us, we find ourselves eating food quickly, without paying attention to what we just ate.”

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3. Skipping meals

While according to Kristen Smith, MS, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist, the biggest mistake people make when losing weight is thinking that skipping meals is the best solution.

“A lot of people don’t really understand that you need to eat enough calories to keep your metabolism active – skipping meals actually slows down your metabolism.”

He adds that this habit can also lead to extreme hunger, which will then cause you to overeat, causing you to consume more calories than when you don’t skip meals.

4. Eating in front of the screen

Ehsani stressed, eating while watching in front of a screen such as a computer, TV or cell phone, can also make us gain weight and hinder our efforts to lose weight.

“Whether we know it or not, we focus more on the screen than the food we eat. It causes us to eat subconsciously and not listen to satiety and hunger cues. We also tend to eat more when there are other things we pay more attention to while eating.” he said.

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