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8 Foods to Overcome Sore Throats That Are Good To Eat, This Is Complete

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Merdeka.com – There are several types of foods to treat sore throat that you can consume. Sore throat is a condition that makes many people uncomfortable. Not only that, inflammation of the throat also makes it difficult for you to swallow food.

No wonder if there are food recommendations to overcome sore throat that are worth a try. Most of these foods are smooth and easy to swallow, so they don’t hurt your throat further.

Sore throat is a condition usually caused by an infection. Inflammation can make the throat painful, uncomfortable, and cause a burning sensation. Although it seems trivial, strep throat can affect daily activities because of the discomfort it causes.

Immediately, here are some types of food to overcome sore throat that you can try, launching from briliofood.net.

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1. Chicken Soup

The first food to treat sore throat is chicken soup. Chicken soup can be the best food choice to help relieve a sore throat. Not only that, chicken soup is also good for consumption to fight colds and other diseases caused by infections.

Some studies have even found that chicken soup can help the movement of neutrophils, white blood cells that defend against infection and that hot liquids can increase the movement of nasal mucus.

2. Yoghurt

Food to overcome the second sore throat is yogurt. Yogurt is a rich source of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

In addition, yogurt is also rich in probiotic bacteria that can help protect the immune system. Plus, the source of nutrients in yogurt is also ideal for people with inflammation.

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3. Bananas

The third food to treat sore throat is bananas. Bananas offer a variety of good nutrients needed by the body. In addition to its sweet and delicious taste, bananas are also suitable as an alternative food when you have a sore throat.

Reporting from medicalnewstoday.com, a sore throat can develop into more severe if you are not careful in choosing food. Bananas are a choice of foods that have a soft and healthy texture, suitable for consumption for people with inflammation.

4. Ginger

Food to overcome the fourth sore throat is ginger. Ginger is one of the kitchen spices that can be consumed in brewed form such as tea. Ginger is also good for a sore throat because it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce swelling and pain.

Reporting from womenshealthmag.com, consuming warm liquids such as tea or broth that has been added to ginger is good for people with sore throats. Besides being easy to swallow, warm drinks like this can also calm the body.

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5. Cooked Vegetables

The fifth food to treat sore throat is cooked vegetables. Cooked vegetables usually have a softer texture than raw vegetables. But it is also important to pay attention to how to cook vegetables properly. Vegetables cooked without oil will be better for throat health.

Therefore, boiling or steaming can be a better choice to produce vegetables with a soft texture. Reporting from healthline.com, soft vegetables can help overcome throat irritation.

6. Mashed Potatoes

Food to overcome the sixth sore throat is mashed potatoes. Reporting from medicalnewstoday.com, boiled or steamed potatoes can provide more nutrition for people with sore throats.

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7. Eggs

The seventh food to treat sore throat is eggs. Eggs are known to contain a variety of nutrients that are good for the body. Serve the eggs scrambled or hard-boiled to make them easier to swallow when you have a sore throat.

Reporting from pdxent.com, eggs contain vitamin D, B12, as well as minerals such as iron and selenium which can help fight infection.

8. Honey

The eighth food to treat sore throat is honey. Honey is often used as a medicine to treat various diseases. Honey is also believed to be effective in warding off bacterial and viral infections, including those that infect the throat.

What you need to pay attention to when consuming honey is the dose or dose, because this food ingredient is high in sugar content.



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