8 Jakarta Office Closed on First Day of PSBB Tight Anies

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Provincial government DKI Jakarta closed eight companies in Jakarta due Covid-19 on the first day of re-implementing Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB), Monday (14/9). A total of five companies were closed because positive cases were found.

Head of the Department of Manpower, Transmigration and Energy, Andri Yansah, said that the eight companies were closed after his office conducted inspections of 64 companies in Jakarta.

“Five companies were closed because of Covid-19, while three companies were closed because they did not implement the Covid-19 preventive health protocol,” said Andri in a written statement, Monday (14/9) evening.

Andri detailed, five companies were closed because positive cases of Covid were found, three of which were in West Jakarta. Then each company was closed in East Jakarta and South Jakarta.

Meanwhile, the companies that were closed because they did not implement the Covid-19 prevention health protocol, one of which was in Central Jakarta, while the other two were in the West Jakarta area.

Andri previously said that his party would continue to supervise company or office operations during the implementation of the PSBB. He explained that his party currently has data on the number of private companies to the number of workers operating in Jakarta.

In addition, the Manpower and Transmigration Office also asked companies to make a report on the number of employees who work from home (WFH) and workers who work directly at the office. However, to be more effective, they don’t just accept the report.

“We still have to carry out inspections or surveillance. So here in addition, from the incoming reports, from the company we also carry out inspections or supervision of the schedule that we have compiled, we also carry out (supervision) of public complaints,” he added.

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In implementing the PSBB this time, the DKI Provincial Government still allows companies or offices to operate. However, this time the company or office capacity is limited to only 25 percent of normal capacity.

The 25 percent requirement does not apply if the office area is positively infected with Covid-19. If a positive case is found, then all businesses and activities in that location must be closed for at least three days.

Meanwhile, for 11 business / business sectors that are allowed to operate when the total PSBB is asked to keep installing, the capacity of workers is 50 percent of the total normal capacity.

Business sectors that are allowed to operate are health, food / food / beverage, energy, and communication and information technology. Then, finance, logistics, hospitality, construction, and strategic industries.

Then, basic services, public utilities, and industries that are designated as national vital objects and certain objects as well as the fulfillment of daily needs.

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