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8K in-car cinema – BMW has integrated a 79 cm screen

“BMW is setting new standards in car entertainment and new, digital experiences. The BMW Theater Screen system will be used in the models of the luxury series of the future and will offer an exceptional passenger experience, 8K resolution picture quality, 5G connectivity and the integrated Amazon Fire TV service.

So the trips with such a car will not take long, or maybe even a little too short, ”said Martynas Daujotas, the head of the BMW brand in Lithuania.

When the BMW Theater Screen is activated, the screen lowers from the roof of the car to the eye level of the rear passengers, and this process is accompanied by special sound effects created by the famous film composer and Oscar winner Hans Zimmer. , a darkened environment to make the passenger experience more exciting.

The Ultra HD (8000 x 2000 pixels) resolution screen is long, covering almost the entire width of the car. On a 32: 9 screen, the image can be output in 16: 9, 21: 9 or 32: 9 format (the image is automatically cropped when you change the format). The screen can also be split in half and can display different content sitting on both sides at the same time. The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System is also integrated in the car, ensuring exceptional sound quality.

The tilt angle of the screen can be adjusted on the screen itself or with the control buttons on the rear door.

BMW is an innovator in the application of 5G connectivity in cars, with the BMW iX and BMW i4 electric cars already on the market. This connection is also used in the BMW Theater Screen system for Amazon Fire TV integration and other services.

With Amazon Fire TV, BMW passengers will be able to enjoy movies, TV shows, listen to music, etc. while traveling through a variety of entertainment apps.

So far, BMW has not announced when the first car with the BMW Theater Screen system will go on sale.

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