9 arrests after Paris beheading, including the perpetrator’s family

That reports the French news agency AFP. Last night a man was killed on the street in Conflans Sainte Honorine, a suburb of Paris. It was said to be a history teacher who showed cartoons of the prophet Mohammed during a lesson on freedom of speech.

According to French media, the perpetrator of the beheading is an 18-year-old Chechen, who was born in the Russian capital Moscow. He was armed with a knife and an air gun.

The police were alarmed that someone was suspiciously staying at the school. There they found the murdered teacher and the suspect. Officers opened fire. The suspect later died of his injuries, he is said to have shouted ‘Allah Akbar’ to the police.

Research for tweet

Last night and last night, the police arrested nine people in total. It would be family members of the perpetrator and the parents of a student at the school where the victim worked. Three other detainees belong to the circle of friends of the murdered suspect. It is unknown whether they have anything to do with the attack.

Police are investigating a tweet showing a photo of the victim’s head. The tweet has since been deleted. It is still unclear whether it was posted by the attacker.

Macron: This was an act of terrorism

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke of an ‘Islamic terrorist attack’. He paid a visit to the site of the murder and spoke to colleagues of the deceased teacher.

Macron called on the French to ‘stand up together against extremism’. “One of our countrymen was murdered because he taught children the freedom of expression, the freedom to believe or not to believe.”

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