9 Benefits of Playing Chess for the Brain, Prevent Alzheimer’s and Improve Memory

Illustration of a child playing chess. © 2012 Merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – Although it is different from most sports that rely more on muscles to shape the body, chess remains a popular sport among the public. This mind-training sport can be played anywhere, and is even available as an app on smartphones.

Chess is a sport that involves intense intellectual challenges. This sport is also considered very good for the health of the mind. Chess will make the players put all their minds into making strategies to win the game.

Just like any other sport, playing chess can also provide various benefits. However, because chess is a sport that relies on the mind, its benefits will have more to do with the health of a person’s brain.

Excerpted from the tristatechess.com page, here are some benefits of playing chess for your brain.

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