95% of schools open in the Dijon academy by June?

The students returned to school Thursday, May 14, in the Dijon academy, after two months of shutdown following confinement. “The gradual recovery went well”, said Rector Nathalie Albert-Moretti Friday May 15, 2020, even if all the objectives of the rectorate have not been achieved. In total, 87% of schools are open, 6% of schools remain closed – they will not open until September or have not set a date – and the rest of the schools are delaying their opening.

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Target 95%

The President predicts that 95% of schools will have reopened by June 2020. For now, 10 to 12% of the children of the academy found their way to school this week, mainly pupils of the large section of kindergarten, CP and CM2.

Too few students return to the ZEPs

For the Rector, the challenge will be to re-engage students in schools in priority education zones (ZEP). “This is a very strong social issue, she said. The more parents graduate and the more they send their children back to school, we have to reverse this trend “. This week, 5.7% of them returned physically to class, against more than 10% in the whole academy.

For disabled children, it is on a case by case basis

Students with disabilities are among those who have priority to return to school. For those in ordinary school settings, “all the pupils of the Ulysse classes whose parents wished to return to school, were able to return to school”, guarantees the rectorate.

The schools of the three hospitals resume from Monday, May 18. For autistic children, the kindergarten teaching unit (UEMA) resumes for two students whose parents have requested it. The elementary education unit (UEEA) will resume on May 25, again for two students.

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