96% of medical personnel with COVID have recovered | THE UNIVERSAL

Dince that the coronavirus arrived in the country, the people who were on the front line trying to understand this new virus and find a way to save all the patients who arrived at the country’s medical centers and clinics with symptoms, were the medical personnel, going from the guards, cleaners, administrative staff, to the doctors and nurses.

When Cartagena began to reach the peak of the pandemic, where infections tripled every day and the number of deaths rose a little more, medical personnel were always willing to give their all to find a way to stabilize patients without having to say goodbye to them forever, so many made the decision to leave their homes to prevent their relatives from having any contact with COVID-19 and, as if that were not enough, they had to work more than 12 hours to be able to comply with health care.

For more personal protection elements that these people used, such as masks, special suits, gloves and the specialized mask, some were not lucky, suffered the symptoms and had to isolate themselves because of the coronavirus.

According to the National Institute of Health, as of October 13, 15,512 medical personnel were infected in Colombia by COVID-19, of these 15,371 recovered and 93 died.

Of all the people who work in a hospital, those who reported the highest number of infections were those who are in the nursing area, who generally had to be the first to have contact with patients to be able to carry out tests and detect if were or were not positive for this new virus.

In Cartagena, as indicated by the National Institute of Health, 411 cases were registered in health personnel, of which 340 are made up of nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and administrative personnel, 42 are community doctors, who exercised their prevention work in the streets of the city when they contracted the virus, 1 is imported and 28 it is not yet known how they were infected.

Of these, it was known that 96% have already recovered and as they were mostly asymptomatic, they managed to isolate themselves at home to hope to recover from the virus.

Of all the positive cases of medical personnel in Colombia during this pandemic, 670 have been asymptomatic, so apart from isolating themselves, their relatives also had to be tested to rule out contagion.

It is good to note that, according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), at the beginning of the pandemic more cases of coronavirus infections were known in health personnel because there was not yet a protection plan.

“Health workers were forced to reuse masks and gowns, seek alternatives or completely renounce protection to care for those in need,” they indicated adding that “as the development of the virus and its behavior became known, many we understood how we should take care of ourselves ”.

Of the 93 people who were part of the medical personnel in Colombia who have died from the coronavirus, 3% of these occurred in Cartagena, according to the report of the District Administrative Department of Health (Dadis).


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