A 102-year-old woman, suspected of murdering another neighbor in a nursing home in France


A 102-year-old woman is suspected of killing her fourth-year-old neighbor in a nursing home in northern France, the prosecution said on Thursday, opening an investigation.

The victim, a 92-year-old resident, was found dead last Saturday shortly after midnight in her bed, her face swollen, by an employee of the medical establishment, located in Chézy-sur-Marne, about a hundred kilometers northeast of Paris. .

The autopsy "indicated a consecutive death to suffocation due to strangulation and blows to the head," Soissons prosecutor Frédéric Trinh said in a statement Wednesday night. "The occupant of the neighboring room, of 102 years, appeared in great state of alteration before the medical assistance, to which he declared to have 'killed someone'," he continued.

Transferred to a hospital center due to "her state of confusion and alteration", the centenary "was, after being examined by an expert, admitted to a psychiatric institution". For this reason, "could not be questioned" by the researchers, but "the investigation continues for the moment" Trinh told AFP. A psychiatric evaluation will be carried out "to determine if this lady is liable to a criminal sanction or is criminally irresponsible," he concluded.


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