a 2013 Mario, but still a good Mario

Special feature: it is 4 playable from start to finish in cooperation. This increases the chances, already high, of reaching the end of the levels but it is very fun and to find all the hidden stars, help is always welcome. With about sixty levels without counting the bonuses, there is plenty to take care of while waiting for the next original novelties from Nintendo.

And to appeal to those who had already played it at the time, a second game is included. “Bowser’s Fury” takes the mechanics of 3D World in an open world where the plumber’s nemesis has gone mad and must be calmed down. To do this, you will have to search the islands and cross the obstacles to find all the stars, alone or in pairs, which is even better. A new and very nice game mode that fans of the mustache will not want to miss!


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