A 3D video reveals how covid-19 attacks the lungs

The video was made with Surgical Theather technology. It details how the disease progresses in a patient’s lungs.


Using virtual reality technology, a group of American scientists recreated the state of the man’s lungs when he is attacked by the covid-19 virus and when the first symptoms of the disease begin.

Dr. Keith Mortman made a true 360 ​​° virtual reality flyby that showed the extent of damage to the lungs (in yellow) by COVID-19 in a patient who was treated at George Washington University Hospital.

The video was made with Surgical Theather technology.

Keith Mortman, associate professor of Surgery at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Head of the Division of Thoracic Surgery at the hospital in the same study house, explained how the covid-19 virus attacks the lungs.

“The video is built with Surgical Theater software. It takes a cross-sectional image of a patient (in this case, a CT scan) and reformats it into a 360-degree virtual reality tour of the chest. I have been using this software for several years in my thoracic surgery clinic, ”he noted.

360 ° shots

The professional adds that he used the Surgical Theater platform “to recreate the lungs of the first covid-19 positive patient at George Washington University Hospital. In the video, the yellow areas are lung tissue damaged by the virus. The most normal adjacent lung tissue is blue ”.

“The video takes the viewer 360 degrees around the chest and then (in about a minute) we perform a virtual bronchoscopy and allow the viewer to fly through the main airway (trachea) and into the patient’s right lung, where the tissue is located. covid-infected lung (yellow), ”Mortman explained.

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Worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic has already killed more than 1.2 million people and caused more than 50 million infections.


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