A 9-year-old boy thief and his mother raping his mother is facing death penalty

EAST ACEH, KOMPAS.TV – The perpetrator of the rape and stabbing with the initials S against 9 year old boy subject to layered and threatened articles death sentence.

The perpetrator is subject to premeditated murder to rape. The article on premeditated murder stipulates the threat of death penalty, life or a maximum imprisonment of 20 years.

“We caught him with layered articles, namely Article 338 juncto 340 juncto 285 juncto 351 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code and / or Article 80 of Law 35 of 2014 of the Child Protection Law,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Langsa Police Iptu Arief S Wibowo in a press conference (13/10 / 2020).

The perpetrator was arrested by police on October 11, 2020. S was arrested for stabbing a 9 year old boy who tried to fight him when he was about to rape the boy’s mother.

This incident occurred at Bireum Bayeum, East Aceh on Saturday, 10 October 2020 in the morning.

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The incident began when the perpetrator entered a hut in the interior East Aceh. The perpetrator tried to rape the victim’s mother with the initials D (28). When she was about to be raped, D fought back and a fight broke out with the perpetrator. This made her son D, a 9 year old victim wake up and help her mother.


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