A beekeeper uses live bees for alternative medicine

Karina Kulik, in addition to being a beekeeper, is dedicated to “apicupuncture”, which involves performing treatments with live bees.

Some studies indicate that man began to control and manipulate swarms in the Neolithic and that it was in ancient Egypt when beekeeping was consolidated, a science that has not stopped evolving and that today offers new uses in fields such as medicine or genetic selection.

Research has gone further and tries to show that the use of bee venom can open the way in the field of alternative medicine for different treatments. In addition to doing apitherapy, Kulik has been developing apicupuncture with live bees for more than a decade.

Since the development of apitoxin, royal jelly, propolis and honey, Kulik has made kwas mandalu, a drink made without alcohol by the natural fermentation of water, honey and pollen known as the wine of the Russians or the vodka of the poor.



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