A blow to an empty gate that could have buried Barcelona in the last minutes flew past: “I haven’t seen it in my coaching career for 30 years”

On Tuesday, the UEFA Champions League Group E match between Barcelona and Lisbon’s Benfica recorded a zero draw, but the Portuguese team was very close to knocking out the Catalan club and leaving it without a point.

In the event of a victory, Barcelona would have secured a place in the next round, but will now have to either win or beat Munich’s Bayern team.

In the 92nd minute, Benfica staged a great two-on-one attack: Darwinas nunezas passed the ball to a team mate in a quick attack Harry SeferovichiHowever, Erico Garcia decided he fancied doing his job and cleared it with an assured header.

This episode forced not only the fans, but also all Benfica players and coaching staff to grab their heads. Jorge Jesusas’s knee will be throbbing for days, but thankfully for FC, he bravely continued in the match.

“In the end, on the last occasion, there was not even a goalkeeper in the gate … I have been a coach for 30 years and I have not seen it so far, but unfortunately it happened to me and the Benfics.

J.Jesu admitted that his team showed a strong defense, but he could easily have won 3 points if H.Seferovičius had taken the opportunity.

Barcelona are second after the match and are 2 points ahead of Benfica. Still, Barcelona will be led by Bayern leader in the final round, while Benfica will meet Kiev’s Dynamo.

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