A breath of fresh air for the Dynamic Roadster

With its single cylinder, the BMW G 310 R opened up the world of dynamic roadsters from when it was launched in 2015 BMW motorcycle for the displacement segment below 500 ccm. Nimble and agile in the city, confident and powerful on the country road – that was the concept that should appeal to beginners in particular. Now BMW has given the bike a number of optimizations.

EU-5 standard, e-gas, idle speed increase and anti-hopping

The drive is still provided by the 313 cc, liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with four valves, two overhead camshafts and electronic fuel injection. The structural characteristic remains unchanged: the rearward inclination of the cylinder and the cylinder head rotated by 180 degrees with inlet at the front and outlet at the rear. This arrangement should lead to an optimal combustion air flow and a compact architecture of the motorcycle.

The engine has 34 hp at 9,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 28 Nm at 7,500 tours. In addition, it now complies with the current EU-5 emissions standard. For use in the new G 310 R, the single cylinder was equipped with a so-called “electronic throttle” (E-gas), which should enable more sensitive throttle control.

A automatic idle increase It also prevents the engine from stalling when starting. The self-reinforcing one is also new Anti-hopping clutch. It reduces the engine drag torque and is intended to increase driving safety – especially when braking and downshifting at the same time. In addition, less force is required to operate the clutch lever.

While the BMW G 310 R previously had an LED brake light, the new version now also has an LED headlight and LED indicators. The new headlight offers high beam, low beam and daytime running lights; It is operated via the left handlebar switch.

Both the clutch lever and the handbrake lever are now adjustable in four stages. They therefore offer ergonomic advantages, especially for people with small hands. Level 3 of the brake lever setting corresponds to the previous reach. In position 1, the brake lever moves 6 millimeters closer to the handlebars.

The new BMW G 310 R, basic color Cosmic Black

Cosmicblack uni

The new BMW G 310 R, basic color polar white uni

Polarweiss uni

Visually, the relationship to family members is like that BMW S 1000 R. recognizable. This is also reflected in the color concept. All three color variants of the G 310 R have in common the now in Titaniumgrau metallic varnished engine housing cover for the generator, clutch and water pump as well as the footrest plates and pillion passenger handles.

In addition to the base color Cosmicblack uni with “emphatically masculine touch” (quote BMW), now stands with Polarweiss uni Another basic variant to choose from, which shows the traditional BMW house colors in conjunction with blue painted areas. The version Sport with the base color Limestone metallic, striking red “R” graphic on the side panels as well as the red frame and red rims, the new bike confidently shows its dynamic side.

  • Single-cylinder engine with EU 5 homologation, e-gas and automatic idle speed increase
  • Self-reinforcing slipper clutch
  • Four-stage adjustable hand lever for brake and clutch
  • New LED headlights and LED indicators
  • The engine housing cover for the generator, clutch and water pump, as well as footrest plates and passenger grab handles, are painted in titanium gray metallic
  • Softly revised design with two basic colors and an exclusive style variant

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