A British university bans beef to "save the planet"


The United Nations Organization (UN) recently pointed to livestock as one of those responsible for climate change and warned of the need to change eating habits and reduce meat consumption.

A measure that has been taken very seriously by the London Goldsmiths University, which has banned the sale of beef, as of September, at any campus establishment to try to curb climate change. In addition, I also want to gradually eliminate single-use plastics. An additional 10 pence tax will be added to bottled water and plastic cups to discourage its use.

The director of the university, Frances Corner, wants to bet on clean energy and measures for students to take subjects related to the climate crisis. "Our team and students care about the future of the environment and are aware of helping to reduce the carbon footprint immediately," he says.

Goldsmiths ’new Warden Professor Frances Corner has announced an ambitious drive for the College to be carbon neutral by 2025.

The plan includes the removal of all beef products from campus outlets and a 10p levy on plastic bottles https://t.co/sYRHZ0gxxa— Goldsmiths (@GoldsmithsUoL)

August 12, 2019 "The prohibition of the sale of meat on campus, the gradual elimination of single-use plastics and the other promises the director has made highlights the current climate emergency facing the world," says Isabelle Gosee, 20 year old psychology student.

The scientists who conducted the analysis of the damage caused by agriculture on the planet discovered that avoiding meat and dairy products is the best way to reduce the environmental impact of humans. Rosie Rogers, a climate emergency activist for Greenpeace United Kingdom, notes that "it is encouraging to see an institution like Goldsmiths not simply warning about the climate crisis, but acting accordingly."

More and more British universities are joining projects of this type. Last year, Sheffiels University opened a "zero-cost store," where all products were sold without packaging. At Manchester Metropolitan University, 60% of university vehicles are low emission and every quarter a market is organized for students to exchange clothes and books and thus promote a sustainable life. . (tagsToTranslate) meat (t) universities


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