Friday, 18 Jan 2019

A British Water Distribution Company Demands More Water in Lake District to Fight Drought | Kingdom News

A water company has requested permission to take more water in some of the Lake District's most famous lakes, while the United Kingdom is experiencing its driest summer for decades.

United Utilities, which supplies water to the Northwest submitted three drought demands to the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to extract the water from the water. Water from Ullswater Lake, Windermere Lake and Ennerdale Water

Drought applications may occur in the event of an exceptional shortage. The limits are applied to the amount of water that can be taken from lakes to protect the environment, ecology and wildlife.

Earlier this week, United Utilities announced that it would introduce the first pipe ban in England since 2012 after the longest heat wave in the UK. than 40 years old.

Seven million people in the northwest will be affected by the ban, which is scheduled to come into effect on August 5th. Martin Padley, director of water services at United Utilities, said, "Reducing raw water tank levels is not surprising given the lack of rainfall.

"The drought permit application is not a decision we have taken lightly, and we are working closely with the Environment Agency to protect supplies of oil and gas. water for customers and the environment. "

Jim Ratcliffe at the Environmental Agency, said: "We are currently checking if we have all the information we need to begin to determine these applications." Any drought permits will only be issued to United Utilities only after public consultation and review of all available hydrological data.The water resources situation could also improve if the water demand decreases or if enough rain returns to replenish the reserves.

"The Environmental Agency will always balance the needs of the public, business, industry, farmers and the environment." After a slight drop in temperatures and rain in some places, the United Kingdom is expected to have another heat wave next week, with temperatures reaching 30 ° C.

The UK has had its summer season debut l The driest since 1961, with a daily maximum average temperature of 1 June to 16 July of 20.9 ° C. The highest daily average maximum for a whole summer (June, July and August) was 21C in 1976. [19659010]

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