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A bug occurs, Zoom releases the latest update for Mac

Merdeka.com – Mac users are reporting issues with the Zoom app. The problem is when the user has ended the meeting, but it is still active. This is known from the indicator light that shows the microphone is still active.

As is known, Apple does provide notifications to users when the microphone or camera of their device is on. Hence, users are concerned that it could be used to listen to their conversations without their permission.

The only way to get around this is to completely close the app. However, as quoted from EngadgetMonday (14/2), Zoom already knew about the problem and rolled out a solution.

A company representative said the Zoom update for Mac version 5.9.3 is said to be able to overcome the orange indicator light that continues to glow, even though the user has left a meeting, video call, or webinar.

Therefore, the company advises users to immediately update their own applications. Users are also advised to set the Zoom application system update to be done automatically, so they can get it immediately as soon as the update is released.

Source: Liputan 6/ Agustin Setyo Wardani


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