A candidate of Podemos in the Canary Islands accuses his «number two» of sabotaging 26M

The head of the Podemos list to the Parliament of the Canary Islands, Carmelo Torres, has accused his "number two" on the Fuerteventura list, Andrés Briansó, of torpedoing the electoral agenda of the 26M regional elections. «The question reaches the point of
not understand how Andrés Briansó and his followers have promoted the non-voting of candidates for Parliament
», Points Torres.

We can, which lacks in the islands of guarantee committee, has opened file to 15 militants who made a «
»Before the Electoral Board of the Canary Islands on the day of April 27, although other sources say that it was on April 28, and they resigned during the general election period. This caused the neo-Chavez party to seek fifteen new candidates and avoid putting at risk candidates in the archipelago.

The purple party has handled this matter with opacity. There is no official opinion and those who have resigned have not explained what instructions they followed and if the objective would be to benefit the Canarian PSOE at the polls on 26M. And it would have "jeopardized" the presentation of candidacies in some areas.

In the opinion of Torres, in the lists of Podemos in the Canary Islands there are candidates who have an interest in not voting for the party
or in the regional elections. And that is what would happen to him with Briansó, a former bank employee for large estates of the bankrupt CAM and who is his "number two" in Fuerteventura.

Accused in a humorous tone in the "feminist" networks by the ex-podemita insular podemita, Silvia Peixtoto, and
Alleged accounting fraud with purple party accounts
, would belong to the sector of the «number three» national of the party of Pablo Iglesias, Meri Pita, head of the secretariat of Plurinationality and Territorial Diversity of Podemos.

Support for Santana Perera
Before the "uprising" of candidates in 28A, Carmelo Torres was integrating in the candidacy of Podemos in Fuerteventura as an independent and former member of the Canary Coalition (CC). He affirmed in "Fuerteventura FM" that in Podemos in the Canary Islands "a false schism has taken place" and that the purple party has invited him to be part of the lists as foreseen by the statutes.

«In Podemos, what has been done is to draw up statutes, as in the past it was done, and without so much controversy. The question reaches the point of not understanding how Andrés Briansó and his followers have promoted the non-voting of candidates for Parliament because I have been given the opportunity to do things that change a policy marked by immobility, "says Torres.

Torres adds that "and more if we think about the contradiction that could occur if, in case of achieving two parliamentarians (the second place is occupied by Andrés), have been elected without his supporters have supported him."

For this reason, he has suggested to the "number two" of his candidacy that "one should rethink their positions and promote unity, a unity that should never have been broken in the face of the project, if, as I believe, ideas are ahead of people" . He recalled that he has entered into a list of Podemos using the same statutory spring "that Andrés Briansó took to the candidacy of the Cabildo in the previous elections" of 2015.

On CC, Rorres recalls that he has never been an elected official under those initials and that "he has not lived up to a party that is designated as a nationalist", because "nationalism can not be limited to following a flag with seven stars", apostille . . (tagsToTranslate) canary islands (t) (t) we can1

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