a cannabis plantation discovered after a fire

When the firefighters arrive on site, under the orders of Lieutenant Malanion and Sergeant George, they find a house totally on fire. The flames come out of the roof. The men of the fire start their intervention but realize that something is wrong: when they try to put out the fire, the flames grow bigger.

They then found, on the first floor and in the attic, an installation for planting cannabis. “There were no plants as such,” one explains on the floor. “It was still in the planning stage. We are also told that the fire was caused by an electrical problem.

It took them a good hour to put out the blaze. This morning, around 8:30 am, they were still there.

The Trieux police were also on site to establish a security perimeter. ORES has been requested to turn off the electricity and an expert is expected to attend.

A diversion of buses has been put in place by TEC.


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