A center of excellence for autistic children in Tessennano

Healthcare – Asl-municipality protocol, which sound the alarm: “In Tuscia, there are growing disturbances” – The structure also provides a residence to accommodate young patients and their families

by Raffaele Strocchia


Tessennano – Protocol between the ASL and the municipality of Tessennano for the creation of a center of excellence for autistic children and adolescents.

The structure, which will develop into two municipal buildings, will be divided into a day center for health and assistance services and a residential one to accommodate young patients and their families.

An important initiative because, as emerges from the act, so far “in the province of Viterbo, in the ASL Roma 4 and in those of the neighboring provinces of Grosseto, Siena and Terni there are no adequate structures for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders”. Disorders that among children – asl and municipality write in the protocol -, both at national and provincial level, are unfortunately growing and require, with significant social and economic costs, a constant commitment of families to guarantee appropriate health care.

But what are autism spectrum disorders?
“A heterogeneous set – explain Asl and the municipality of Tessennano in the protocol – of neurodevelopmental alterations linked to an abnormal cerebral maturation that begins already in the fetal period, long before the birth of the child. The disorder occurs in a very variable way from case to case, but in general it is characterized by impaired communication and social interaction and the presence of restricted and repetitive interests and behaviors. This diagnostic category includes the different subtypes referred to in the past: eg autistic disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, generalized / pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified, high functioning autistic disorder ”.

The protocol, which will last five years unless extended or terminated, provides that the ASL “identifies the equipment, equipment and furnishings necessary for the completion of the center, identifies the social health and welfare services that can be charged to the national health service, individuals the accreditation and agreement procedures of the center, establish with the municipality the criteria for the selection of the body that will be in charge of the management of the center and to carry out the services, monitors and controls the managing body and the quality of the services rendered “.

For the municipality of Tessenanno, on the other hand, “the commitment is to carry out the tender for the supply of furniture and equipment and to make available properties so that they can be adequately furnished and equipped”.

Raffaele Strocchia

November 19, 2020


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