A clause allows Messi to leave Barça at the end of each season


As reported Thursday in the newspaper 'El País', the Messi contract should not end strictly in 2021, but the Argentinian reserved the possibility of terminating the renewal agreement every June 30 Signing in November 2017. Messi's will is that, already 32 years old, he can leave the club beforehand if he so wishes.

The SER Chain has informed that the clause that Messi signed when he renewed, corresponding to 700 million, was only valid for the first two seasons after enlarging his tie as Barça – therefore, it would end at the end of during this time, and Captain Blaugrana could leave for free to any other team in the world at the end of each season with the condition of warning Barça before the end of May.

This would help to understand that Messi has not agreed to renew his bond with Barça again. From the Barça club they argue that it is a formula similar to those that were carried out with the latest renewals of Xavi, Iniesta and Puyol.



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