A corona drug works faster than any vaccine

With the help of a corona drug, it could be possible to contain the pandemic quickly. Animal experiments have confirmed that the agent works within 24 hours.

Researchers believe one Corona-Medically having found that could be effective within 24 hours. In ferrets, the drug was able to completely prevent the virus from being transmitted within 24 hours. But what is the chance that this will also work in the human body?

Corona drug with an extremely fast action time

In the fight against the coronavirus, a team of researchers at Georgia State University may have made an important discovery. You have discovered a means with which an infection with the pathogen can be treated quickly. In the first experiments, infected ferrets were given the experimental antiviral drug molnupiravir. Treatment with the corona drug significantly reduced the amount of viruses excreted through the nose. After just 24 hours, the number of coronaviruses excreted had reduced so much that the animals were no longer contagious.

For this reason, the agent could be ideal to combat the current rapid spread of the coronavirus in the world. However, it has not yet been determined whether it can be used in human organisms. Much like some vaccines, molnupiravir curbs the polymerase of RNA viruses. The substance, which was originally developed to treat flu, also seems to work against the coronavirus.

Can the remedy work on people?

The researchers chose ferrets because they have the potential to infect each other very often, but hardly develop any symptoms themselves. Like the pharmaceutical newspaper reported, this pattern resembles the spread of the coronavirus in young people. According to the authors of the study, the corona drug has great potential as an antiviral agent for people. In the next step, it must be checked in clinical studies whether there are any significant side effects and how great the effect is in a human organism.

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Green tea and chocolate cannot be called corona medication, but a study suggests that certain ingredients can slow down the spread of the virus. Another corona drug too works surprisingly quickly and could thus make an important contribution in the fight against the virus.

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