A couple has seven hours to the police threatening to kill themselves for the custody of his son

The trigger of the incident has been the loss of custody of their eighth child, a month and a half, which was withdrawn when they went to vaccinate the health center this morning

The couple, on the roof where they were entrenched.

A couple has kept on hold this afternoon the emergency services ofThe Gran Canarian palmsfor more than seven hours, after threatening to commit suicide from a rooftop if they do not return their young son, the eighth whose custody is removed by social services.

The man, 59, and the woman, 38, have spent much of the afternoon hanging around the roof of the building where they live as squatters, while the negotiators of the National Police Corps tried to convince them to defer their attitude.

They got it around 19.50. First the woman left the building, which was bad and has beenevacuated on a stretcher to a hospital, and ten minutes later the man left the building.

The situation had begun in the morning, when a health centerEscaleritas neighborhoodactiv the protocol of protection of minors to see in the circumstances in which the couple go to the pediatrician with his small son, a baby of a month and a half.

According to sources of social services, the protagonists of this episode have had nine children together.One died a long time ago and everyone else has lost custody, the last, the baby that was put under protection this morning.

Known of the couple and neighbors of the zone they assure that each one of them has more descendants with other people.

In a state of great nervousness, the couple threatened from the edge of the roof withthrowing themselves into the void (a fourth floor), spraying themselves with gasoline and setting themselves on fire or burning down the entire building.

Immediately, the Police sent to that building of theCalle Cronista Romero Ceballosto a negotiator, who has been talking to them for hours on the phone and through a gate.

The situation began to loosen around 7:00 p.m. At that moment, a truck of firefighters left a ladder to the roof, in the middle of the man's fuss.

From below, some acquaintances shouted:"Quiet, calm, they just want to give you tobacco, so you can calm down".

The maneuver immediately left the woman in that area of ​​the building and soon after the man disappeared.

Minutes later, they were both on the ground floor, talking to the police from the stairway to the sidewalk, where they were finally convinced to leave by their own feet.

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