A cruise loses control in full storm and sows panic in Venice


Venice dodged the tragedy again. Only five weeks after a cruise hit the dock and a boat, another mastodon of the sea lost control on Sunday and almost took a tourist yacht. The cruise ship 'Costa Deliziosa', almost 300 meters long and capable of transporting some 3,000 people, tried to leave the lagoon of Venice under a storm of rain and strong winds, pulled by tugboats, according to a video published by the writer and Venetian artist Roberto Ferrucci on his website.

Due to bad weather he lost control and almost collided with the yacht that was docked not far from the famous St. Mark's Square, which caused panic on board. The members of the crew of the yacht, a 50-meter boat that looks small next to the cruise, rushed to jump to the dock, according to the AGI agency. The tugboat of the 'Costa Deliziosa' managed to avoid the accident and direct it towards the exit of the lagoon without problem.

The incident fueled the controversy over the damages inflicted on the Italian city – inscribed along with its lagoon in the universal heritage of UNESCO – and its fragile ecosystem the huge cruise ships that navigate the canals.

Another scare

Just five weeks ago, an accident with another cruise ship left four people injured and panic scenes among tourists.

A victim of an engine problem, the 'MSC Opera', which can transport up to 2,680 passengers and navigate the Giudecca canal, hit a dock before colliding with a tourist ship, the 'River Countness'.

Amateur video footage posted on Twitter showed tourists, ashore running to see the 275-meter vessel and 13 decks.


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