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A day without us. The photos that show the unemployment of women more forcefully

These photographs you see here were taken last Wednesday at 7 am at the San Lázaro station of the capital metro. They are compared to photographs taken equally at that station and at the same time, but today, March 9, National Women’s Unemployment Day.

In the images taken on Wednesday, the peak hour is observed in all its splendor. The saturation of people, men and women alike, in wagons and platforms. In today’s photographs it is not observed except a few men.

In the subway, ticket offices of several stations were also unemployed; Due to the long lines, policemen opted for free passage.

Swipe the cursor or your finger to see both images:

Why national unemployment of women occurs

The national women’s strike on March 9, also called A Day Without Us, occurs after the march of March 8, which was numerous in Mexico City and was replicated both in cities of the Mexican Republic and abroad.

This occurs at the call of the feminist collective Brujas del Mar, which raised the idea of ​​a day without women, who do not go out, who do not buy, who are not in social networks and who are practically invisible, as dead, in protest by wave of femicides that in recent days Mexico City has caused commotion.

March 8 march, a purple wave

Just on Sunday, the shout of thousands of women, according to the official count of Mexico City, more than 80 thousand, was heard in the streets of Mexico City, from the monument to the Revolution to the capital Zócalo.

Pro-abortion slogans were heard, the one for equal pay and especially against the gender violence and the harassment. Although the vast majority of the march was peaceful, a group of women caused pints at some points.

In addition, six men accused of beating women were arrested, also in the context of the march.


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