A discussion of neighbors ends in a brawl with five detainees in Ruzafa

Five neighbors – two men and three women – have been detained by members of the National Police in the Ruzafa neighborhood of Valencia in a brawl and in which they have also been hit with a flower pot.

They are accused of a possible crime of tumultuous brawl, apparently during the course of an argument. One of those now detained is also the alleged perpetrator of another crime of resistance and disobedience after allegedly threatening both police and health. The agents intervened three knives of various measures, the Headquarters said in a statement.

The brawl took place this Thursday night when the agents who performed prevention work were alerted by the Room of 091 to go to a street in the district of Ruzafa where apparently there was a fight.

Upon arrival, a group of citizens told them that inside the building "they were killing themselves", as well as that "in one home there were two men with knives who had attacked a woman", so they entered the portal listening to loud cries that came from of the second floor.

Once in the landing, the agents observed in the ground traces of blood and a broken flowerpot and the door of the domicile "where apparently the suspects were closed, reason why after calling in repeated occasions a man opened to them that presented the bloody face and next to this there was another one ".

Kicking in the head
The agents carried out an inspection of the place and once it was verified that there were no more wounded; they asked for the knives used, and they gave them two knives that were stained with blood, at the same time they found out that they had problems with the neighbors above and apparently they had had an argument and in the course of it they had given one of them kicks in the head.

Apparently they also used a flowerpot and a knife, so the suspects responded with the knives to defend themselves. At that moment, the police heard screams from a woman who told them that these were the men who had punched her and tried to stab her, so she had defended herself by hitting one of them with a pot on her head.

The police found out that the woman was returning home with her daughters when she met the now detained who began to shout at her, so they started a strong discussion that ended with mutual aggression. When it was happening, a roommate of this one went down and when she realized the aggression she also participated in it to help her partner. The agents intervened a knife in his bag.

Finally, the police officers after carrying out various checks detained two women and three men as alleged perpetrators of a tumultuous crime.

The agents transferred one of the now detained to a hospital in Valencia and once there he began to self-harm and even tried to break free and assault both the health and the police, so he was also arrested as an alleged perpetrator of a crime resistance and disobedience.

The detainees, with a police record, have been brought before the courts.

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