A dramatic turnaround for Dominika Gottová: Everything is completely different!

According to information from the Expres.cz editorial website, this may look like it. Dominika Gottová (46) According to their exclusive source, she was said to have successfully applied for a job at Amazon.

“She sent her resume to Amazon, where she is now hiring new employees on a large scale, and they have hired her. She told her friends on New Year’s Eve that she was due to join in January, “a man who did not want to be named told Expres. He also revealed what her job description would be.

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“They promised her a salary of about 25,000 a month. She has to work as a storekeeper and drive a forklift. But she is very afraid of that and she does not know if she can do it at all, “added the source of Expres. Given that she still has experience exclusively as a waitress and saleswoman, this will definitely be a big change!

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